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    4. Feb 2012 - Sage has agreed toturn our book into an ebook
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      1. Volume One: Individual Perspectives: The psychology of management and managing - leadership, personality, communication, teams (groups), careers, influencing and decision making, sense making, organizational behaviour
      2. Volume Two: Group and Meso Level Perspective: Managing the new workplace: psychological correlates - personality, well-being (stress, work life balance), comparative (cross cultural), gender and diversity, identity, personel development
      3. Volume Three: Organizational and Macro Level Perspectives: Managerial Psychology: theory and applications -epistemologies and methodologies, psychoanalysis, cognitive processes, psycholinguistics
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    SOFTBACK: $44.95
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    1. Review - the Companion has been reviewed in the August edition of Choice magazine. This is what the reviewer had to say about the book:

      “For all its seriousness and density, this volume is not without a subversive sense of mirth, skewering management fads and fashion and modern consultants in one selection while also acknowledging the role of reverence in the workplace and the emergence of that space as an arena for spiritual meaning-making. Contributors to this expansive work examine organizational change as a phenomenon through multiple lenses, ranging from Kurt Lewin to feminist theory to an exploration of the professionals whose inner lives would be impacted by said change. The late cultural anthropologist Victor Turner (1964) is smiling down from heaven at the notion of liminality in organizations being discussed in this volume. For this reviewer, who cut her theoretical teeth on the works of editors Boje (New Mexico State Univ.) and Burnes and Hassard (both, Univ. of Manchester, UK), this compilation serves as an academic groupie's feast for the mind and soul. Summing Up: Highly recommended.”

      Now available (2018) in paperback edition

      pub: 2018-08-14
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    • For more info on the book. Routledge May 2014; See Reviews of the book; DOWNLOAD sample of the book pdf
    • Jacket Cover Comments:
    • "The brothers James would be delighted with Storytelling: James, because of the weight given to the narrative, and Henry, because of the central place of pragmatist theory in this new David Boje’s book. Both would be happy to see the two united within a field unknown to them, that is, organization theory, and enlightened by placing the pragmatic storytelling in a new era. The contemporary readers, organisational theoreticians and practitioners alike, will be enriched by its broad historical perspective and rich imagination of its author." - Barbara Czarniawska (Sweden)
    • "“David Boje’s storytelling imagination burns with the fierce energy of a volcano generating more insights in a few pages than others display in whole volumes. Whether revisiting St George and the dragon or having dinner with Zygmunt Bauman, Boje delights, provokes, subverts and resurrects. His latest book is a must for every true lover of story, narrative and antenarrative!” - Yiannis Gabriel (UK).
    • On August 27 2014 (Wednesday, Boje (Management Department) will conduct a Teaching Academy session on ‘Teaching With Storytelling.’ The session is 3:30 to 5PM and has 25 signed up, thus far. It will be held in room 50, Milton Hall, and will be videotaped.
    • David Boje (Management Department). On August 27 (Wednesday) at 5PM, Barnes and Nobles is hosting a ‘book signing’ event for Boje’s new book, Storytelling Organizational Practices: Managing in the Quantum Age (NY/London: Routledge). See[2].pdf
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  20. Organizational Development and Change Theory: Managing Fractal Organizing Processes(2016)
    by Tonya Henderson (Author),David M. Boje (Author) This book offers a fresh perspective on organizational development and change theory and practice. Building on their recent work in quantum storytelling theory and complexity theory, Henderson and Boje consider the implications of fractal patterns in human behavior with a view toward ethics in organization development for the modern world. Building on Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s (1987) ontology of multiple moving and intersecting fractal processes, the authors offer readers an understanding of how managing and organizing can be adapted to cope with the turbulence and complexity of different organizational situations and environments. They advocate a sustainable, co-creative brand of agency and introduce appropriate, simple tools to support organizational development practitioners. This book offers theory and research methods to management and organization scholars, along with praxis advice to practicing managers.
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Chapters in Books

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