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    1. "The ♥-of-Careof the Life-Path of Organizations Double-Spiral-Antenarrative choices through Landscapes of Quantum Fields" What the 'bet' sort of antenarratives (spiral- & rhizomatic-assemblage-antenarratives) offer is encounters with ethics of care, ethics of answerability, in the whole life-path of once-occurrent Being as Bakhtin calls it, or the care for potentiality of Being-a-whole-Self as Heidegger calls his ontological approach. Both are about a life-path rather than a mere epistemic (past narrative) or an ontic (objectification of present). The 'bet' is on 'avenir' shaping and creating a field of potentialities, that also arrive ahead to shape past and present. This is a radical, non-linear approach to quantum storytelling.
    2. Ethnostatistics, Qualimetrics, and Ontological Storytelling -
      1. Ethnostatistics was invented by my friend and colleague, Robert Gephart Jr.. As I interpret ethnostatistics, it is the ontic measuring and calculating mode of inquiry objectifies living stories, and splits off from both the epistemic and ontological modes of inquiry. There are three moments of ethnostatic inquiry: (1) numbers come from a subjectivity; (2) the mathematics of calculation gets mis-applied in social science quantitative methods; and (3) storytelling rhetorics of interpretation of numbers and the math-output tables stretches to an incredibility.
      2. Qualimetrics - invented by Henri Savall and Veronique Zardet (2005) - As I interpret it, Qualimetrics unifies the split between qualitative (epistemic), quantitative (ontic), and the ontological (life-path processes in-Being) by taking an interdisciplinary approach.
      3. Tetranormalization - Also invented by my French colleagues.
        1. Savall 2010 book
        2. See Boje & Rosile essay on Wings of Tetranormalization.
        3. Order CD on Tetranormalization from the 2011 conference


quantum storytelling conference

The Dec. 16-18 2011 'Quantum Storytelling Seminar' participants </strong> <p align="left">In 1st Renaissance art developed perspectives and science fell in love with Newtonian mechanistic physics resulting in late modern capitalism. both developments (physics &amp; capitalism) transformed storytelling. In 2nd Renaissance art goes quantum and physics-science is falling in love with the observer effect, in a new ways of fore-conceiving materiality in very different ways than ever before. The old materiality had what Zygmunt Bauman calls 'solid modernity' and the new one, a 'liquid modernity.' Our solid modernity was the iron cage of Weberian bureaucracy and the mechanistic physics materialist rhetoric of vulgar representation of our material condition. When this new materiality encounters a more liquid storytelling, the communion is 'Quantum Storytelling' a very different materialist rhetoric, not as a linear-repeating prediction (from <em>before</em>, but rather as a 'bet' of 'avenir' the future-ahead-of-itself, arriving to transform the past and present. We are just beginning to notice how George Herbert Mead (1958), Martin Heidegger (1962), and especially proto-pragmatist Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1962) have a very different conception of space-time-materiality. In particular, Merleau-Ponty's (1962: 309) temporal wave and his sense of spiral (p. 315), provides a very different antenarrative: &quot;But co-existence, which in fact defines space, is not alien to time, but is the fact of two phenomena belonging to the same temporal wave&quot; (p. 309). I combined these insights in the film, with Heideggerian ontology, a being-in-the-world where spiral-antenarratives buffeted by updraft and downdraft forces is mediating in-between little living stories we live and the narrative grand representations. I am working on a new book on Pragmatist Storytelling Philosophy, where the pragmatist-ontology antecedes and antenarrative-connects the epistemic narratives, the empiric narratives, with the little living stories. <p align="left">&nbsp;</p> <h1 align="left">MENU OF QUANTUM STORYTELLING RESOURCES</h1> <table width="99%" border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"> <tr> <th width="20%" scope="col">LINKS</th> <th colspan="2" scope="col">DESCRIPTION</th> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://ANTENARRATIVE.COM" title="ANTENARRATIVE.COM" target="_blank">ANTENARRATIVE.COM</a></th> <td width="44%"><p>Order <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Storytelling-Future-Organizations-Antenarrative-Management/dp/0415873916" target="_blank">Storytelling and Future of Organizations: An Antenarrative Handbook</a> - (2011, Routledge) <strong></strong></p> <p><em><strong><a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0415873916/ref=sib_dp_pt#reader-link" target="_blank"><img src="images/storytelling and future handbook.png" alt="Storytelling and the Future&hellip; Handbook" width="300" height="300"></a></strong></em></p></td> <td width="33%"><p><em><strong>Antenarrative</strong></em> connects webs of living stories now-ness to grand narratives of past and <em>bets on </em>future. <strong><em>ANTE</em></strong>narrative means <strong><em>before</em></strong>-narrative rigidity/reification and <strong><em>bets</em></strong> on the possible futures arriving here-and-now. Four kinds of antenarratives are being studied: linear-, cyclical-, spiral-, and rhizomatic-antenrrating. The French have two words for future: <strong>'<em>futur</em>'</strong> as 'prediction' of how the 'before' will recur in the future, and <strong><em>'avenir'</em></strong> the shaping and creating of future (the bet). This double meaning is the foundation of 'antenarrative' the 'before'-narrative solidifies, and the 'bet' of avenir, the shaping and creating of the future that is before narrative. Antenarrative is simply put a connectivity of little <a href="Boje/What is Living Story.htm" title="What is Living Story essay by D. M. Boje 2012" target="_blank">living stories</a> we live and the bigger grander narratives that fossilize. That is a avenir happening between physics and storytelling.</p> <p>Merleau-Ponty's (1962: 309) quote about 'spiral' gives some insights into antenarrative dynamics of spacetimemateriality: &quot;If we project on to the screen the post-image of a spiral revolving round its centre, in the absence of any fixed framework, space itself vibrates and dilates from the centre to the periphery.&quot; The linear-, cyclic-, rhizomatic-, and spiral-antenarratives are very intertwining as they intra-actively connect the narratives (epistemic &amp; empiric) with the little living stories. It is this dynamic of narrative-antenarrative-[little living]story that I call the domain of storytelling. It has a materiality, not in the Newtonian sense, but in the quantum sense.</p></td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://ECOSACRED.NET" title="ECOSACRED.NET" target="_blank">ECOSACRED.NET</a></th> <td colspan="2">EcoSacred is a posthumanist understanding of ecology for its sacredness. Living things are spirited and interconnected. <a href="Boje/What is Living Story.htm" title="What is Living Story essay by D. M. Boje 2012" target="_blank">What is Living Story?</a> A living story is somethiing I have developed in relationship to narrative and to antenarratives, as the triadic domain of storytelling discourse. I first encountered the idea when I began my colleagueship with Kaylynn Twotress in 1997, and the idea took on more aliveness with Jo Tyler's work on story-aliveness. Living story developed more materiality in working with Cajete's and Vizenor's work on materiality in relation to story. </td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://HORSESENSEATWORK.COM" title="HORSESENSEATWORK.COM" target="_blank">HORSESENSEATWORK.COM</a></th> <td colspan="2"><img src="images/Horse_sense_at_work.png" alt="HorseSense at Work" width="282" height="206">HorseSense<em>at</em>Work is a posthumanist understanding of inter-species communication between horses and humans that can help people relate to their worklives </td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://QUANTUMSTORYTELLING.ORG" title="QUANTUMSTORYTELLING.ORG" target="_blank">QUANTUMSTORYTELLING.ORG</a></th> <td><p><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7pm_mRwL-0" target="_blank"><img src="blacksmith/little blacksmith whirligig.jpg" width="160" height="90" alt="Blacksmithing Boje"></a><span class="aeriall">YouTube &quot;<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7pm_mRwL-0" title="Quantum Storytelling: Blacksmith Art in the Quantum Age" target="_blank">Quantum Storytelling: Blacksmithing Art in the Quantum Age</a>&quot; </span>- produced by Grace Ann Rosile and David M. Boje. Boje narrates the video. Or, VIMEO Film 1st version '<a href="https://vimeo.com/42489199" target="_blank">Quantum Storytelling: Blacksmithing Art in the Quantum Age</a>' (Boje, 2012); <a href="Boje/Quantum Storytelling DENMARK FILM DEBUT.pdf">See slides from Denmark Film Debut</a> - The Film Debut Premiere was in Aalborg University on May 30, 2012, as a presentation to the faculty after David M. Boje received an Honorary Doctorate degree award from the university. There is a PDF of slides of Blacksmith Art in Denmark and the list of questions asked in the interviews of the 13 blacksmiths who were interviewed in US, Canada, France, and UK. Boje plans to interview blacksmith artists in Denmark. </p> <p>Boje's <span class="aeriall"><a href="https://davidboje.com/blacksmith">Quantum Blacksmithing Artist artwork</a></span></p> <p>The video presents the eleven D's of Quantum Storytelling from an ontological standpoint. <br> 1. Directionality, 2. Datability, 3. Duration, 4. Disclosability, 5. Destining, 6. Deployment, 7. Dwelling, 8. Deseverance, 9. Drafts, 10. Dispersion, 11. Detaching presentation on the 11 D's complete with blacksmith quotes in English and in French, please see <a href="https://davidboje.com/lille/Lille_Storytelling_Methodology.pdf" target="_blank">PDF slides of the Lille, France advanced methods seminar presentation</a>. OR for the pragmatist connection see <a href="images/Finland Pragmatist Storytelling Presentation.pdf" title="pdf presentation on Pragmatist Storytelling Philosophy" target="_blank">Finland Presentation on Pragmatist Storytelling Philosophy in Liquid/Quantum Modernity Nov 20 2012 pdf</a>. </p></td> <td><p><strong><em>Quantum Stoyrtelling</em></strong> is an Annual Conference around December 17th each year in Las Cruces, New Mexico; '<em><strong>Quantum Storytelling</strong></em>' is a communion of quantum physics with a davidboje storytelling. <a href="quantum/index.htm" class="aeriall">Quantum Storytelling </a>- proceedings and papers of Dec. 16-18th 2011 conference in Las Cruces, NM </p> <p>FREE <a href="http://business.nmsu.edu/~dboje/448/The%20Quantum%20Physics%20of%20Storytelling%20in%20book%20format%20Jan%202011%20Boje.pdf" target="_blank">BOOK: Quantum Storytelling (Boje, 2012)</a></p> <p><a href="Boje/What is Cyclic Antenarrative linearity.html" title="Why is Cyclic-antenarrative so linear?" target="_blank">Why are cyclical-antenarrative linear</a> and why is the blacksmith artist living labor differently than the university professor who is now only an intellectual laborer? An essay about Hannah Arendt's (1958) rendering of cyclical-eternal-recurrence.</p> <p><a href="http://business.nmsu.edu/~dboje/448/448LCAS.html" target="_blank">See Quantum Storytelling Study Guides for Small Business</a> applying the <a href="http://www.iseor.com/ouvrages_fiche.asp?code=LIV2008HSA003" target="_blank">Savall, Zardet &amp; Bonnet (2008) approach</a> to socioeconomic interventions research for small and medium business enterprises. </p> <p>Write something in the <a href="http://quantumstorytelling.posterous.com/" class="aeriall">Quantum Storytelling BLOG</a></p> <p> Or <a href="http://quantumstorytelling.blogspot.com/" class="aeriall">QUANTUM BLACKSMITH BLOG</a> to discuss blacksmith art in the Quantum Age.</p></td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://davidboje.COM" title="davidboje.COM">davidboje.COM</a></th> <td colspan="2"><em><strong>davidboje</strong></em> is defined as insight into a <a href="Boje/index.htm"><strong><strong><strong>&hearts;-of-Care</strong></strong></strong></a>, a non-linear storytelling that is shaping the future, the destining of creating peace, by insightful awareness. <SCRIPT> document.write(Date()+".") </SCRIPT> <em><strong>davidboje</strong></em> is part of the <strong><em>Second Renaissance</em></strong> called '<em><strong>Quantum Storytelling</strong></em>,' a communion of quantum physics with a davidboje storytelling. <span class="aeriall"><a href="/indexPA.htm">Historical Archives of davidboje</a></span></td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://SCMOI.ORG" title="SCMOI.ORG" target="_blank">ScMOI.ORG</a></th> <td colspan="2"><p><em><strong>Standing Conference for Management and Organizaitonal Inquiry </strong></em>Annual conference held on East Coast of US around March/April. Join the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/41563607451/" target="_blank">Facebook sc'MOI Discussion page</a></p></td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://STORYEMERGENCE.ORG" title="STORYEMERGENCE.ORG" target="_blank">STORYEMERGENCE.ORG</a></th> <td colspan="2"><p>NOT FORWORDING: Story Consulting Practices <a href="https://davidboje.com/stori">https://davidboje.com/stori </a></p> <p>STorytelling ORganization Institute (STORI) </p></td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://STORYTELLINGORGANIZATIONS.COM" title="STORYTELLINGORGANIZATIONS.COM" target="_blank">STORYTELLINGORGANIZATIONS.COM</a></th> <td colspan="2"> <img src="images/storytelling_organizations talking stick.png" alt="Storytelling Organizations Logo" width="275" height="80">website has been hijacked should go to <a href="https://davidboje.com/storytellingorganization/">https://davidboje.com/storytellingorganization/</a></td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://TALKINGSTICK.INFO" title="TALKINGSTICK.INFO" target="_blank">TALKINGSTICK.INFO</a></th> <td colspan="2"><img src="images/talking_stick.png" alt="Talking Stick Institute" width="259" height="55">How to use TalkingStick practices to Help Veterans Use Storytelling for Healing</td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="http://TAMARAJOURNAL.COM" title="TAMARAJOURNAL.COM" target="_blank">TAMARAJOURNAL.COM</a></th> <td colspan="2"><strong><em>Tamara Journal</em></strong>&nbsp;draws on&nbsp;<a href="http://group.aomonline.org/cms/" target="_blank">Critical Management Theory</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href="http://cbae.nmsu.edu/~dboje/postmodscience.html" target="_blank">Postmodern Organization Science</a>&nbsp;and is based in&nbsp;<a href="http://web.nmsu.edu/~dboje/TDstorytellingorg.html" target="_blank">story/narrative</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href="http://cbae.nmsu.edu/~dboje/qm/" target="_blank">other qualitative study</a>. It combines critical theory as well as&nbsp;<a href="http://www.horsesenseatwork.com/psl/pages/postmoderndefined.html" target="_blank">postmodern theory</a>&nbsp;and postcolonial theory and critical pedagogy with praxis. And one that seeks a higher ethics of global production and consumption</td> </tr> <tr> <th scope="row"><a href="https://davidboje.com/vita" title="David Boje's VITA" target="_blank">VITA</a></th> <td colspan="2"><p>Vita for David M. 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