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Storytelling is an art. We are storytelling animals. Storytelling is my focus. Storytelling is what I do in teaching, writing, consulting, and research for 35 years. See Youtube at I love to help people and organizations find this storytelling path. It is easy to become a character in someone else's master narrative. It is more helpful to find your own living story path. Its a matter of finding you voice. Join us at our annual conference We have a mix of storytelling consulting practitioners, researchers, and clients who celebrate finding their own living story. I work with my colleagues in Denmark in two venues. One is the Material Storytelling Lab in Aalborg University where I am said to be the godfather to the lab. Material Storytelling (Anete Strand's pioneering dissertation and lab direction), is based on Karen Barad's work (and a bit of my own), to look at the intra-activity of 'social' with the 'material'. It is part of a huge movement called 'sociomateriality.' We use the term 'quantum storytelling' to get at how there is no separation between social and material. We are both/and. In Denmark I work with TRUE STORYTELLING, a project by Jens Larson, and Lena Larson, to do storytelling bootcamps. True Storytelling is possible in consciousness raising boot camps of self-transformation and critical reflexive inquiry into our own habituated thoughts and actions within micro-physics systems, and embedded macro-political systems of power. It is possible to recover an agency of resistance to normalization under the detailed disciplinary technologies of the institutions we work in.

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This photo is from Virginia Maria Romero's art show (Brilliant Three Dreamers exhihit) at New Mexico State University. The painting is titled, "Technospirit" (©2007 provided by Virginia Maria Romero) and its to be on the back-cover of the New Book, STORYTELLING ORGANIZATIONS - Click Image above for larger size




"Storytelling is the preferred sensemaking currency of organizations," says David M. Boje, Ph.D. "Storytelling Organizations can develop a living story path and an antenarrative future by breaking rules of narrative past. There is an ongoing dialogic process that has three-fold time. I have been exploring Talking Stick Circles, as a way to break out of stuckness in narrative-past."

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See local example o STORYTELLING ORGANIZATIONS in Las Cruces New Mexico - our probono work in the TALKING STICK INSTITUTE to effect a series of Las Cruces Arts Convention using storytelling intervention -- Workshop Storytelling Directions presentation

David Boje is a philosopher, writer, and gives speeches and workshops from Tasmania to Denmark on Storytelling: Leadership and Story-Telling, Story-Listening, & Story-Noticing, Ethical Living Story, Value-Based Critical Theory Ethics; Slide Show: Making Your Life An Ethical Story in the Wild West As Civic Engagement and service learning to students, he offers small business community assistance service learning projects such as the 2009 What's Art? Exploring the Creative Economy of Arts & Cultures Convention.


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