News Articles

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  8. Nebraska Management Journal, "Editorial: Storytelling as a Leadership Skill: Influencing others through the use of stories," Vol. 3 (1): 4-5, featured my storytelling research.
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  12. Gardena Valley News, "No one management style is right for all Pacific Rim countries," May 13, 1992, features research done with Vance & Stage on Asian-Pacific management styles.
  13. Los Angeles Bay News Observer, "Students Collect Truckloads of Donations for Riot Victims," May 15, 1992, LMU faculty who are aiding the post-riot community.
  14. The L.A. Watts Times, Aug. 5, 1993. "Peace Corps Volunteers Bring Skills to South Central L.A." Other articles also appeared in Daily Breeze, L.A.Times & other papers. Article focus is on Peace Corps contract wishing between Reverend Thomas O'Malley, S.J., President of LMU & Barbara Busch, Peace Corps, Chief of Domestic Operations.
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  21. Missile Ranger, "Strategic Plan." Copy of strategic plan facilitated by Boje & Rosile, 1997.
  22. El Paso Times, February 2000. Article on Small Business Consulting Class. See article at
  23. Sun-News, Thursday Oct 30 2003 p. 10A: letters to the editor, titled “Civil Liberties.” See
  24. Read RoundUp Front Page Story - April 14th
  25. Read, "Cops, sorority members just want power" By Patti McClure / RoundUp, Las Cruces - April 14th
  26. Read, "Boje's Letter to the Editor of the RoundUp" -& Josefina Alvarez's Letter - April 14th (Write your letter and send it in).
  27. Read, Round Up Editor's Editorial: 'Arresting Boje violates his rights' By Heath Haussamen
  28. University Press Release: University Official Says Arrest of Protestor Should Have Been Avoided. April 14, 2003
  29. "Boje gets apology: Police still investigating cops' actions" By Darryl Newman, RoundUp April 17.
  30. "Faculty members ask Gogue to condemn arrest" RoundUp, April 17. "We, the undersigned faculty, are writing to express our shock and dismay over the behavior of the New Mexico State University police in the scandalous arrest of Professor David Boje on Saturday and his detention in handcuffs and leg shackles at the university police station for more than an hour..."
  31. "Boje speaks about the arrest" - RoundUp April 21, 2003 - By Darryl Newman.
  32. "Let's learn to protect freedom of expression" By New Mexico State University President Jay Gogue. April 24, 2003. RoundUp.
  33. Albuquerque Journal - "Prof Detained at Rally Gets Apology From NMSU." Apr-16-2003.
  34. Sun News - Las Cruces - Coverage
    • 'Over the top' Sections: Letters to Editor. NMSU Professor Arrested at Peace Vigil: My side of this story Our scheduled Peace Vigil was conducted peacefully from 1PM to 2PM at the southwest corner of University and Locust in Las Cruces. We assembled in peace without megaphones or loudspeakers, about 25 of us at 1PM. 4/17/2003
    • 'False arrest' - Sections: Today's Editorials. Last Saturday, the New Mexico State University police violated a professor's civil rights. Two officers went to the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house, where, curiously, some residents or members complained about a small anti-war protest on nearby University Avenue. -- 4/17/2003. Please thank the Sun News for their editorial.
    • 'University apologizes for arrest' - Sections: Today's Headlines Renée Ruelas, Sun-News Reporter. New Mexico State University has apologized to a professor taken into custody by campus police during a peace rally Saturday. David Boje, professor of management, said after he refused to identify himself, he was handcuffed, taken to the police station and detained for an hour. 4/16/2003. Please Thank Renée Ruelas for her story -
  35. Interview with Boje in Asbury Park Press 1/17/05 "Activists are putting more pressure on companies over the behavior of their subcontractors." By Michael L. Diamond, Business Writer
  36. Wal-Mart unfair to foreign workers, professor says by James Faughnan, Tues Nov 22 2005. College Publisher Network
  37. Campus organization breathes life into LC art scene - By: Christina Brigance11/12/07 Section:Arts and Entertainment, Round-Up, Vol ,109 (issue 24): p. 1
  38. The Las Cruces Bulletin - "NMSU Teams with Locals to Improves Art Scene: Talking Stick Institute works to bolster the 'business of art.' Article by Jessica Rodrigo, Friday, Novmber 30, 2007. p. C8.
  39. May 2008 - "Las Cruces Arts and Culture Scene can Contribute to Economic Development in Southern New Mexico" Dr. David M. Boje, New Mexico Business Outlook.
  40. Arts forum explores visual, literary and performing arts By S. Derrickson Moore/Sun-News reporter Article Launched: 07/01/2008 12:00:00 AM MDT "Glenn Cutter, a member of the New Mexico Arts Commission, left, shows a pop-quiz Tuesday as David Boje, director of the Talking Stick Institute at New Mexico State University, questions the audience regarding the number of art service organizations that exist in Las Cruces during the 2008 Arts Forum at the Rio Grande Theatre. (Sun-News photo by Shari Vialpando)" Answer: As of Jun 30 08 there were 82.
  41. Aug 8 2008 NMSU Press release on Boje's 2008 career achievement award from New Mexico State Univerity.
  42. Sep 5 2008 - Sun-News story on ARTS CONVENTION by Derrickson-Moore
  43. Sep 5 - 2008 NMSU Hotline on ARTS CONVENTION
  44. Sep 4 2008 - Roundup NMSU on ARTS CONVENTION
  45. Dec 4 and 5 2008 coverage of Professor Boje and his students work in developing Art Scene initatives based on the Arts Convention, lead to La Callejoneada and WInter Fest events to bring customers into the Downtown call. THis included multiple stories in Snn-News, Bulletin, and El Paso TImes, plus local radio coverage. See this link for clippings. As one business person put it, this event brought more people into his bookistore than any evening event ever."
  46. See video clippings and College of Business coverage Dec 6 2008 - Business professor and students assist with La Callejoneda Dec. 6, 2008 by
    Professor Boje and students from his Small Business Consulting Classes helped Downtown Las Cruces organize “La Callejoneda,” a Street Party on Dec 5, 2008.
    Hundreds of residents turned out for the strolling Mariachi and Folklorico dancers.
    The purpose of the project was to bring customers into the downtown ARTS SCENE. Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces, lit the Christmas tree at the north end of the Downtown Mall.
    The shops stayed open and vendors set up food tables and made Kettle Korn for the crowds. Students were assisted by local businesses who generously donated to finance the event. Contributors included Coa’s My Bookstore, Central Loan Co., Big Picture Digital Image Lab & Street Gallery, Mark D’Antonio Law Firm and Be Young Hair Salon.
    Our thanks to students of the Business College: Rocio Gamboa, Liana Velasquez, Erika Jaquez, Bader Almutairi, and Ayman Ghunaim for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication to making this project happen. Media coverage for the event extended beyond Las Cruces to El Paso, Texas. The students facilitated the Economic and Government task force, as part of the 2008 Arts Convention, working on their project from September to December 2008.
  47. Dec 28 2008 -" 2009 Looking Forward: Lights, camera, action in Las Cruces."By S. Derrickson Moore/Sun-News reporter."We've got it, and now's the time to flaunt it. Aggressive marketing of southern New Mexico as an arts mecca and a continuously burgeoning regional film industry are shaping up as the top trends to watch in ...""
    "People don't realize the art assets we have here. We're going to put Las Cruces and Mesilla art on the map," said David Boje, a business professor at NMSU and one of the organizers of a 2008 arts convention to strategize marketing efforts. Among projects to emerge from the conference's task forces were a scavenger hunt rewarding visitors at six museums with a chance to win prizes, and "La Callejoneada," a street party with strolling mariachi and folklorico dancers that was part of the community Dec. 5 Winterfest celebrations."
    Full Story: Las Cruces Sun-News
  48. Dec 30 2008 - Mover and Shakers: David Boje -- By S. Derrickson Moore Sun-News reporter -- Posted: 12/30/2008 12:00:00 AM MST. Boje helped stress the need to promote our region's extensive cultural resources with a conference, workshops and NMSU student involvement, programs he hopes to facilitate again in 2009. Original articleSee article.
  49. Jan 29 2009 - Aggie Almanac Program #99 -- KRWG Radio - Topics: Making Local Arts Profitable; Thursday Jan. 29 at 7pm; Saturday Jan. 31 at
    5pm; Sunday Feb. 1 at 11am KRWG-TV Channel 22; KRWG-DT Channel 22.2; Comcast Cable 2 (Las Cruces); Time Warner Cable 4 (El Paso) Also online at: Southern New Mexico has a lot of artists, but many of them struggle to survive. On this week’s program, we take you to the first ever Arts Convention at NMSU where students and their instructors are reaching out to the art community to find ways to make art in this region profitable.
  50. ARTS CONVENTION DOCUMENTARY - Helping Artists Make A Living
    Aggie Almanac Program #99

    Airs 1/29/09 at 7pm 1/31/09 at 5pm 2/1/09 at 11am

    Southern New Mexico has a lot of artists, but many of them struggle to survive. On this week’s program, we take you to the first ever Arts Convention at NMSU where students are reaching out to the art community to find ways to make art in this region profitable Click here for documentary Video

  51. Upcoming convention asks ‘What’s Art?’
    Workshops explore how art can help the community
    For the Las Cruces Bulletin July 3rd 2009

  52. ... The convention won’t be limited in its scope of art. David Boje, a professor at New Mexico State University and facilitator of the What’s Art Convention, said he wants the convention to include as many different types of artists as possible.
    “When you’re trying to grow a creative economy, you want that circle to be big and as inclusive as possible,” he said.

    For example, Chef Maurice Zeck, of the NMSU School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, will cater the banquet. Zeck will also be leading an ice sculpture workshop for culinary artists.

    ... Art Lucero and NMSU Recycling will provide receptacles and a trailer to haul away recyclable materials at end of the day. There will be an art project that will use crushed can cubes. The project will be recycled at the end of the day.
    [Virginia Maria] Romero said this won’t be just another art show, but something that can make a real difference.

    “I think the vision is really solid and we’ve got a lot of support for it,” she said. “If everyone does their part, it could really put Las Cruces on the map as something that represents the future of art.”

    See Rest of article

  53. Cover and feature article on Boje in Las Cruces Magazine, October 2009 issue See pdf version of the article; Online web address

    "David Boje

    We could all learn a few things from Dr. David Boje, including the results from years of research that taught David how to take a narrative which is negative, distorted or unfair and find a more truthful and affirmative alternative.

    What David discovered has impacted businesses, entrepreneurs, students and public administration in an increasingly positive way.

    “As a university leader, I am provocative, and try to stand up for the underdog,” says David, who holds an Endowed Bank of America Professorship within the College of Business at New Mexico State University. “I do what is called critical storytelling, where I seek to balance the official narratives of power with the living stories of the little people – often left out of history.”

    David’s research and work is vast, creative and utilized around the world and his reputation in academia and industry is widely known throughout the United States and internationally. As an international scholar in the areas of narrative, storytelling, postmodern theory and critical ethics of answerability, David has published nearly 100 articles in journals, including Management Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review and the International Journal of Organization Studies. David has also been awarded prestigious titles, including an Arthur Owens Professorship in Business Administration in the Management Department at NMSU, University and College Teacher of the Year four times at Loyola Marymount and a Creative Scholar Award at NMSU in 2008.

    “My greatest honor is riding my horse, Silverado, and staying in the saddle,” David says. When he is not riding, he is researching, learning and teaching with the same wit and humor that motivates his students and colleagues.

    David created an ‘antenarrative’, or a bet on what is shaping the future before it becomes one more fossilized narrative.

    “An ante is a bet and it’s a before,” David explains. “My focus is storytelling, how it shapes the past and future in business, public administration and arts entrepreneurship.”

    David got involved in his profession when he noticed in his quantitative research there was a need for stories to make sense of the data, and to make an interesting write-up.

    “As I started treating storytelling as a methodology of inquiry I discovered it is really applicable to qualitative and quantitative. You need storytelling to put facts and metaphors, or models, together into a theory.”

    David’s recent book, Storytelling Organizations, explores the stories people tell themselves and others at work. Instead of focusing on understanding stories about what happened “once upon a time, a long time ago” within an organization, David takes a different approach by seeing what people are telling themselves about the future. His interest focuses on how stories interplay with needs to stay within ethical and emotional comfort zones, and how multiple narratives emerge and evolve in rapidly changing situations.

    “At age 61, I notice I spend more time helping other faculty and students around the world develop their storytelling methods, theory and research projects,” David says. “My biggest influence was to look at how storytelling is a telling between the lines, where the reader is expected to fill in the blanks. Instead of once upon a time telling, looking at the complex collective dynamics of many storytellers has been my main contribution.”

    To David, a company’s motto, architecture of corporate headquarters and even the business strategy all become part of the organizational story. Studying the story then becomes a new and fertile way into understanding strategy. Once a story is understood, David looks at ‘restorying’ or a way to take a narrative which is negative, distorted or unfair and find a more truthful and affirmative alternative. This simple but effective technique can be used by businesses and organizations to change the future of their story.

    David is actively involved in Talking Stick, a project three years in the works that shows collective storytelling processes are being used to improve the creative economy of the arts and culture organizations in Southern New Mexico. David also actively worked on a What’s Art? Exploring the Creative Economy of Southern New Mexico Conference held October 2nd and 3rd, 2009 at Alma de Arte Charter School and the Pioneer Women’s Park in Las Cruces.

    David, who met Professor Grace Ann Rosile at a conference, applied to NMSU so the two could pursue their careers and raise their Arabian horses. Currently, David is working on a new book, Storytelling the Future of Organization: Antenarrative Handbook.

    “It’s an amazing challenge to theorize and study ‘storytelling the future’. Most narrative work has been about the past, and using that to extrapolate what the future might be. But such linear projections are not very accurate. We are looking at some alternative ways to story tell the future,” David says.

  54. Union The Round Up > News Faculty members seek to gain a voice by rallying for a union By Kristina Medley Published: Monday, November 2, 2009. Click here for copy of article

  55. April 29 2010 - Round up article from Mgt448/548 team's work on developing media coverage for artist George Mendoza. Article is titled, "Seeing is Believing" (p. 9-10).

  56. May 6 2010- NMSU’s Boje is Chosen Keynoter for Brazilian Academy of Management

    As this academic year winds to a close, some are already looking forward to next year. For David Boje, Professor of Management and Daniels Ethics Fellow, 2010-2011 promises to be another banner year. Boje has been invited to be the international Keynote Speaker for ANPAD, Brazil’s version of the Academy of Management. He has also been asked to conduct a seminar for doctoral students in Sao Paolo while he is in Brazil for his talk at the end of September. These honors come close on the heels of the announcement that the April, 2011, 20th Anniversary meeting of the Standing Conference for Management and Organization Inquiry, has chosen to make their conference theme a celebration of Boje’s contributions to organizational storytelling, narrative, and antenarrative.

    Boje’s antenarrative concept has a forward-looking emphasis on prospective sensemaking, and offers proactive possibilities for using story to shape the future. Antenarrative opens the door to organizational change before a story is hardened into a narrative. This approach has generated so much interest that Routledge has a book of readings edited by Boje currently in press. Storytelling and the Future of Organization: An Antenarrative Handbook, is expected to be out later this year.

  57. Friday December 10th 2010 the Las Cruces Bulletin ran an article By Todd G. Dickson using interviews with George Mendoza and David Boje. There was also an AM570 (Bulletin Hour) show on Thursday December 9th 2010.  Both Bulletin events celebrated the ‘service learning’ taking place in the Management Department’s ‘Management 448/548’ Small Business Consulting seminar. Local artist George Mendoza attends most classes to work with student teams doing business consulting to the arts. Special Report 7 Dec 2010 by David M. Boje & George Mendoza - For second time, Why are our New Mexico Tax dollars not being invested by the Art in Public Places Selection Committees in the art of New Mexico artists?  In-state artists out for NMSU arts center art  No New Mexicans win recent state art awards.  The entire article and a photo of George are at
  58. June 2014 - Business Outlook article profile on D. Boje
  59. Boje’s keynote address to the Warwick conference, and the work on the two veterans-research projects, became the basis for a NMSU, News Release: “NMSU management professor uses embodied storytelling research to help veterans” went out last week. The full article can be seen at
  60. The above Press Release resulted in a Sun News Article,
  61. You, Old Friends and True Storytelling are in the largest Danish business paper on Jan 27 2018, page A 3 pages. Jens Henrik mention Boje and true storytelling as a big inspiration. Jens Henrik is one of the most respected police executive in Europe.