Participation on Public Lectures or Forums

  1. Lecturer for Visiting Japanese Executives (Executive Development Center), Oct. 23, 1979.
  2. Lecturer for Executive Program: 52nd Class, Executive Development Center (Feb. 10-12, 1980), 53rd Class (Sep. 15-17, 1980), & 54th Class (Feb. 8-11).
  3. Interorganizational Ethnic Relations at UCLA, Coordinator & Discussion Moderator, Feb. 28, 1980.
  4. "Sharing Stories as Networking," Behavioral and Organizational Science Proseminar Series in Qualitative Research, Nov. 14, 1982, UCLA.
  5. "Organizational Conflict in a Utility Company," UCLA Anthropology Colloquium for Applied Anthropology, Oct. 1983.
  6. "Symbolic Behavior in the Absurd Organization," with Michael Jones, Organizational Development National Conference, Pasadena, CA, Oct. 9-11, 1983.
  7. Workshop on Networking in Leadership, Fall 1990, conducted for ASLMU at LMU.
  8. Invited lecture on Business Partnerships for Pepperdine Law School, Fall 1991.
  9. Invited 90-minute lecture on Postmodern Management Theory for LMU course: Postmodern Philosophy (Jasper Blystone), Spring 1992.
  10. Positive Mental Attitude Stories 90 minute-lecture to Annual Toastmasters Conventions, Marina Del Rey, CA, Spring 1992.
  11. Speech on President's Day. "Building a bridge across the Grand Canyon of racism from LMU to Nickerson Gardens," March 1993.
  12. Workshop for Archdiocese, High School Teachers, October 1993.
  13. Half-hour interview for TV program, 20 Something, LMU, October 1993.
  14. Keynote presentation (Workplace Storytelling) to National Association for Preservation & Perpetuation of Storytelling Conference, Seattle, WA, Summer 1993.
  15. Presentation to Lennox School district in December 1994 on Habits of Highly Effective People.
  16. Invited scholar lecture series at Bethany College, KS, Mar. 8-10, 1995.
  17. Invited scholar for Lewis-Clark State College, "Leadership 2010: The Credibility Factor" conference. "Stories in leadership: Old and new," Apr. 21, 1995.
  18. Lecture series to University of Western Sydney on storytelling in reengineering and total quality management, August 1995.
  19. Lecture series on the impact of guru theory on organizational theory, University of Auckland, July 1996.
  20. Lecture series on storytelling theory, University of Otago & University of Waikato, New Zealand, July 1996.
  21. Lecture: "Teaching as Social Action: Notes for the Field," Spring 1997 Lecture Series sponsored by the Department of English, NMSU, April 4, 1997 (See Roundup, Jan. 27, 1997, p.3 article).
  22. "Assessment as a Panoptic Gaze." Higher Education Conference: Using Assessment to Build more Productive Learning, February 28, 1997.
  23. "Choral Company Stories." Southwest Academy of Management, 24th meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 14, 1987.
  24. Lecture: "Strategic Planning at the University." Brown Bag seminar series for Department of Management, NMSU, March 26, 1997.
  25. "Quantitative/qualitative: A false duality." Presented at the IABD, Orlando, FL, April 1997.
  26. "Deconstructing Disney: Union films of Haiti." Presented at the IABD in Orlando, FL, April 1997.
  27. "Deconstructing the elephant metaphor of multiple paradigm inquiry." Presented at IABD, Orlando, FL, April 1997.
  28. "New Directions in Storytelling Theory." Presentation to faculty, Robert O. Anderson School and Graduate School of Management, University of New Mexico, May 2, 1997.
  29. "Deconstructing Mechanistic-Organic Text." Presentation to CBAE faculty research Brown Bag, Spring 1997.
  30. "Restorying your life" with G.A. Rosile & R. Dennehy, OBTC, OH, June 1997.
  31. "De-structural and postmodern approaches," In Ask the Experts II: Qualitative Issues, Research Methods Division, pre-conference of the Academy of Management meeitngs, Boston, MA, August 8, 1997.
  32. Joint Symposia Chair: "Organizational storytelling: Developments, debates and new directions," sponsored by ODC, ONE, and MC divisions. Paper, "The deconstruction-affirmative inquiry debate," with John Luhman, Academy of Management meetings, Boston, MA, August 8, 1997.
  33. Session Chair: "Re-theorizing sociotechnical systems theory." Paper: 'STS from a postmodern perspective," with Rossana Alvarez.
  34. "Entrepreneurial conation: Strategically addressing market dynamism and complexity," with Janice Black and G.A. Rosile, Strategy Conference, Barcelona, Spain, October 1997.
  35. "Transorganizational Development Theory and Practice." Presentation to Pepperdine Ph.D. candidates in session on Large System Change, Santa Barbara, CA, October 10-21, 1997.
  36. How critical theory and critical pedagogy can unmask Nike's labor practices, presented to the Critical Theory pre-conference of the Academy of Management meetings, San Diego, CA, August 8, 1998
  37. "Systems & Stories." Paper presented in Complexity Change & Chaos Symposium (janice Black, Chair) of the Academy of Management meetings, San Diego, August 1998.
  38. Presented Paper/Chair Organizational Storytelling II: "Postmodern Narrativism: Implications for Organization Change Theory, Practice and Research," at the Academy of Management meetings, San Diego, CA, August, 1998.
  39. What postmodern philosophers have to contribute to knowledge researchers. Paper presented to INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences) conference, Seattle, WA, October 1998.
  40. Lecture on Empowerment, Assertiveness, and Leadership to the Memorial Medical Center staff, November 4 & 6, 1998.
  41. Presenting paper in RM symposium, "Methods Matters' Writing Our Way In." Paper: "Bringing Mind Back into Research Methods: Is Multiple Inquiry Possible?" This presentation was scheduled for 1997, but was not printed in the program & was canceled. It was re-submitted as a new submission in 1998, accepted and presented.
  42. Ask the Experts, Research Methods Pre-conference - Qualitative Issues - panel member for Deconstruction, 1998.
    1. Deconstruction reference list
    2. Three types of deconstruction used in the course
    3. Primers on using CT approaches by Horkheimer, Ordorno & Marcuse
  43. "The Swoosh Goddess is a Vampire: Nike's Environmental Accounting Storytelling Paper," presented to the International Meeting of the International Academy of Business Disciplines in Juarez, Mexico/El Paso, TX, October 1998.
  44. "Wile Meets Roadrunner." Paper presentation to the SunBreak Conference, Chaos and Complexity, chaired by Janice Black, Las Cruces, NM, February 1998.
  45. Choral Company Storytelling: Follow-up Session. Presentation to Southwest Academy of Management Division meetings, Dallas, TX, March 1998.
  46. Amos Tuck's Post-Sweat Nike Spin Story San Francisco. Yearbook, 1998.
  47. Paper presentation in session chaired by Janice Black on high tech education. "Teaching using the Virtual Nike Case." Paper presented to the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, La Verne, CA, June, 1998.
  48. "Deconstructing Mechanistic-Organic Text." Presentation to CBAE faculty research Brown Bag, Spring 1997.
  49. "Teaching as social action: Notes for the field." Spring 1997 lecture series sponsored by the Department of English, NMSU, April 4, 1997. See Roundup, Jan 27, 1997, pg 3 article.
  50. "Strategic Planning at the University." Brown Bag seminar series for Dept. of Management, NMSU, March 26, 1997.
  51. "New Directions in Storytelling Theory," to faculty of the Robert O. Anderson School & Graduate School of Management, UNM, May 2, 1997.
  52. "Transorganizational Devleopment Theory and Practice" to Pepperdine Ph.D. candidates in session on Large System Change, Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 20-21, 1997.
  53. Lecture on alcohol abuse to Delta Sigma Pi fraternity, Feb 1998.
  54. "Empowerment, Assertiveness, and Leadership." Lecture to the Memorial Medical Center staff on November 4 & 6, 1998.
  55. "Advanced REsearch in Organizational Development and Change," presented to Benedictine Ph.D. candidates and faculty (it is an Environmental Trends course). The weekend of Jan 8, 9 & 10, 1999, in Chicago. Coordinator: Professor Joanne Preston.
  56. "Transorganizational Development Theory & Practice." 18-hour presentation to Pepperdine Ph.D. candidates & faculty in session on Large System Change, Santa Barbara, CA, October, 1999.
  57. 1999, 1999 Critical management Academy of Management meetings, August, Chicago, Aug 7-8. 797 Research Methods Division pre-conference, Ask the Experts. 261 Presentation on "Deconstruction".
  58. "Team Building and Performance." Lecture to BA211 section of 150 students, Nov 16, 1999.
  59. "Use of Theatrics in Training." Lecture to MGT333 section on Nov 20, 1999
  60. "Transorganizational Development Workshop: Postmodern Trends." May 7th and 8th, 2000 Boston workshop at the Harvard Club, Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass.
  61. "York Hospital Transorganization Development Workshop" March 3rd and 4th, 2000 in Maine.
  62. "Narrative and Ethical Frames" Visitor teaching at University of Lille, France May 12-May 17th, 2000.
  63. "Modern and Postmodern Corporate Ethics" Presentation the to Faculty and Ph.D. candidates of Dauphine University in Paris, France. Wednesday June 7th, 2000.
  64. "Trends in Global and Postmodern Ethics." Presentation to the faculty of University of Lille, June 9th, 2000.
  65. " Narrative Ethics: Frames Analysis in Large Systems Change Work." Presentation to the faculty and graduate students of Rotterdam University, Netherlands. June 20th, 2000.
  66. "What is Postmodernism?" Presentation to faculty and Ph.D. students at University of Lyon, France, Wednesday May 25th.
  67. "Storying and Restorying International Business Critical and Postmodern Perspectives on Global Management Practices" Visiting professor, course taught at University of Graz, Austria.  June 13 to 16, 2000. This presentation led to adoption of the SEAM model in the Small Business Consulting Institute Class (448/548) in Fall 2000.
  68. "Environmental Accounting" A Diplomado training program for Maquiladora accountants learning green accounting practices. To be conducted in Juarez, New Mexico.  November 5th and 6th, 1999. See PowerPoint presentation and manual (in English and Spanish). This presentation is also tied to the Green Accounting Study Guides.
  69. "Environmental Accounting" A Diplomado training program for Maquiladora accountants learning green accounting practices. To be conducted in Juarez, New Mexico.  October 11-13, 2000. See PowerPoint presentation and manual (in English and Spanish).
  70.  Presentation to United Students Against Sweatshops on improving contract monitoring with the NMSU bookstore. November 11, 2001.
  71. 2001 - "Vegetarian Capitalism: Towards a Wholistic  Animal and Vegetable Consciousness \ Presented to The First Asian Vegetarian and Wholistic Congress Convention" to be held in Goa, India from October 14 to 20, 2001.
  72. Feb 28 to Mar 3 2005 gave two lectures to Ph.D. students and faculty at University of Essex, UK (one lecture on critical theory studies, second on how to teach with theatre)
  73. Mar 4 2005 – Lecture on ‘storytelling theory and research frontiers’ to faculty and students of the college of business at University of Essex, UK
  74. Mar 7 2005 – Mar 10 gave lecture to Ph.D. seminar and another to faculty of University of Leicester, UK
  75. Mar 12 2005 lecture on SEAM (Socio-Economic Approach to Management) approach as used in Mgt448/548 course at NMSU, given to Lyon 3 (ISEOR Institute) Ph.D. seminar and to faculty of the institute
  76. Mar 15 2005 Lectured to Ph.D. students on “Organization Theory: where from and where going, and why postmodernism”; second was more formal lecture to college faculty and Ph.D. students on “Antenarrative & Narrative: researcher & researched” This talk was video taped and led to a conference presentation and several handbook chapters. See for conference paper
  77. Mar 17-19 2005 - Attended the Organization Theatre Summit meeting in Denmark; 26 people from 10 different countries. Product is a book (see 2006 section).
  78. Nov 21 2005 - Two invited lecutures given to University of Rhode Island. First to students and faculty of Business College on "Dead Leadership: Wal-Mart's Spectre; second lecture to Ph.D. seminar in qualitative research (professor of marketing, Nik Dholakia) on "Postmodern Consumer and Producer research."
  79. Sept 8, 15, & 22 -2008 David Boje gave presentations to and facilitated the 1st Annual Arts and Culture Convention of Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley. The event included a total of 12 hours of meeting and presnetation time, organization of 9 task forces, plus presentations by Mayors of City of Las Cruces, Town of Mesilla, Deans of Arts and Science, and the Business College. Restults of the task force initiatives are avalable at and on College website
  80. 11-Oct-2008 Las Cruces Mtg: Dr. David Boje will speak to the Fielding Institute faculty and students on Storytelling, Org Systems, & Complexity; He will speak on storytelling, organizational systems, and complexity, as well as the upcoming book, The Storytelling Organization
  81. Oct 8 2008 David Boje gave a presentation to the Las Cruces Advertisers Federation. The subject was Arts business and how to improve the arts economy. The meeting was held at the Farm and Ranch Museum
  82. Dec 8 2008 - Daivd Boje and doctoral student Joe Gladstone made a presentation to the Mayor, City Council and Department heads of Las Cruces at 1pm in Las Cruces City Hall. They reported on the two-year research project, which brought about the Arts Convention in 2008, and the 9 task forces that created interventions into the Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley Arts Scene in Sept 2008/ David Boje and students from his Small Business Consulting Classes helped Downtown Las Cruces organize “La Callejoneda,” a Street Party on Dec. 5, 2008. Hundreds of residents turned out for the strolling Mariachi and Folklorico dancers.The purpose of the project was to bring customers into the downtown “Arts Scene.” Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces, lit the Christmas tree at the north end of the Downtown Mall.The shops stayed open and vendors set up food tables and made Kettle Korn for the crowds. Students were assisted by local businesses who generously donated to finance the event. Contributors included Coa’s My Bookstore, Central Loan Co., Big Picture Digital Image Lab & Street Gallery, Mark D’Antonio Law Firm and Be Young Hair Salon. Thanks to students of the Business College: Rocio Gamboa, Liana Velasquez, Erika Jaquez, Bader Almutairi, and Ayman Ghunaim for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication to making this project happen. Media coverage for the event extended beyond Las Cruces to El Paso, Texas. The students facilitated the Economic and Government task force, as part of the 2008 Arts Convention, working on their project from September to December 2008. See for more info, and for YouTube clips of the event. There is a 68 page FINAL REPORT Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley Arts Scene Forgotten History: An Antenarrative Guide to Socioeconomic Growth" by David M. Boje, Ph.D. and a SLIDE PRESENTATION
  83. Jan 12, 2009 . Presentation with Joe Gladstone and Virginia Maria Romero to Town of Mesilla Mayor and Board of TRustees regarding 2009 Initiatives for Las Cruces and Mesilla Valley Arts Scene Socio-Economic Growth. View Slides.
  84. Mar 6 2009 - David Boje and Dr. Grace Ann Rosile addressed the Advancing Leaders group on Friday, March 6. Their workshop-style presentation was on “Leadership and Storytelling.” Boje and Rosile believe that better leaders do more than tell better stories. They are also better at eliciting stories from others, and better at listening to stories. In the workshop, participants practiced all three skills: storytelling, story eliciting, and story listening. By exploring the unspoken assumptions and the untold story, tellers and listeners gain insights into both themselves and their conversational partner(s). These storytelling practices foster deeper understanding and improved communication for better relationships at work and in daily life.
  85. April 9 2009 - Daivd Boje did two lectures on storytelilng and IT, by video conference to two classes at University of Southern California (USC): Under-graduation class: IOM 437: Technology-Enabled Global Businesses, Markets & Sourcing MBA class: IOM 537: Global Businesses & Markets: Strategies Enabled by Technology,
  86. April 16 2009 - Speech to Optimist Club of Las Cruces titled, How to Create Your LIfe as an Ethical Optimist Story. The speech was base don Boje's 2008 book on Critical Theory Ethics. Two handouts are available. The Ethical Optimist Living Story, and Value-Based Ethics and Story Ethics.
  87. April 23 2009 - Banquet speech to to the Research ans Arts Gradade Symposium in Corbett Center balroom at New Mexico State University. The keynote speech and slideshow was entitled: Making your art and research life into an ethical story in the Wild West.
  88. April 25 2009 - Leadership is Story-Telling, Story-Listening & Story-Noticing Workshop to the Regional Toastmasters Conference held in the Tularosa ballroom of the old Hilton Hotel. The theme of the workshop covered a model of assertive leadership in relation to story-telling, story-listening, and story-noticing. Story Leader Assertiveness
  89. David Boje's presentation to Las Cruces City Council on November 16th 2009 summarizing outcomes and recommendations from the WHAT'S ART Convention and Street Festival, an outcome of 60 service learning projects done with local artists in the Mgt 448/548 small business consulting class. 20 page research report and these slides
  90. David Boje and Irene Oliver-Lewis presentation on November 18 2009 to NMSu Service Learning Task force on the service learning and community engagement by Mgt 448 and 548 Small Business Consulting students in the WHAT'S ART Convention and street festival. Health and Human Services Building, Room 310.
  91. Daivd Boje. 2009. Resituating narrative and story in business ethics discourse. invited 25 November workshop form 9am to noon, to Dialogue and Organizational Development Symposiu, Aalborg University, Denmark. Presentation includes conceptualization of living story in relation to narrative, introduction to living story method, and consulting to storytelling organizations.
  92. Boje, D. Tobey, D. & Gladstone, J. and community partners. 2010. presentation to Sixth Annual J. Paul Taylor Symposium will be 1:00 pm in the Center Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Corbett Center, March 18th. Participants: David M. Boje, Professor, Management Department. Students: Joe Gladstone, David Tobey (both Ph.d. Students in Management Department). Project: The small business consulting class of Business College of NMSU has done 60 community service and civic engagement projects with local artists and arts organizations. The purpose is to im prove the marketability and the viability of southern New Mexico arts economy.
  93. In this episode of RULETHEWORLD, released 4 Dec 2016, Dr David Boje who published over 120 journal articles, seventeen books, including Narrative Methods for Organization and Communication Research; Storytelling Organizations; Critical Theory Ethics in Business and Public Administration.

    Boje invented the term antenarrative which is defined as the double move of a bet (ante) or a before (ante) of story on its way to narrative and is a part of the triadic theory of storytelling developed by Boje. His handbook on the subject claims to be the first volume to offer a systematic examination of non-traditional narrative inquiry in the management realm, organizing and developing its approach.or more information, you can follow us on Twitter @WeAreOpusMedia & @PaulFurlongOpus, and if you have any thoughts that you would like to share with us, you can tweet us using #RuleTheWorld.Listen here: