Swainson's Hawks are Now Nesting at New Mexico State University.

By David M. Boje, Ph.D. Updated April 17, 2017


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So we can protect the Hawks their young and our students walking around the nesting site.

Please print and distribute the Swainson's Hawk brochure so everyone walking around campus knows to wear protective hat or carry umbrella.


April 2017 and the Swainson's Hawks are back in their favorite tree, by Renfrow Gym.

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Here is the mate


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Mama Hawk tending the nest April 2017 while Papa Hawk goes for food

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We want to buy a webcam to mount near their favorite tree and watch the hatch and the feeding of the fledglings


Hawk on Nest camera mounted on nearby pole at NMSU April 2017 - cost $625

Thank you Aaron Hyman and the boy scout troop of Las Cruces for their work on vetting the choice of webcam with the NMSU units


Its time to put out the umbrellas


And time to put out the signs so our students, faculty, staff know how to protect the Swainson's Hawks, and themselves.

Poster above by Kelley Hestir will help people on NMSU campus be aware of the rights of Swainson's Hawk to live and breed, and answerability of people to be aware of when they get too close to nests and hatchlings, and can get swooped. Us an umbrella to protect the Hawk and protect yourself! - Thank you.


Did I mention, Swainson's Hawk is listed on at least one endangered species list http://www.dfg.ca.gov/wildlife/nongame/t_e_spp/bird.html

NAKASHAWU #2 2016 artwork by Virginia Maria Romero

Credit information for the art: NAKASHAWU #2 / ©2016 / Artwork & Poetry by Virginia Maria Romero:

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