Articles in Review

  1. Commentary for Journal of Management Inquiry (under review Nov 15 2009). Sideshadowing Appreciative Inquiry: One Storytellers’ Commentary
    By David M. Boje, a review of article, “Appreciative inquiry as a shadow process” (Fitzgerald, Oliver, & Hoxsey, 2009)
  2. Dennis Kopf, & Boje, D. M. Ethics article for Albert Mills special issue CT Story ethics, submitted 31 July 09 to Journal of Business Ethics, under review
  3. Farzad Rafi Khan, R.I. Westwood & David M. Boje. NGOs and the Postcolonial Dynamics of Western Corporate Social Responsibility Interventions into Third World Child Labour, under final review Nov 2009 for Human Relations journal.
  4. Smith, B; Melendrez, K. D; & Boje, D. M. The Financial Crisis and Mark-to-Market Accounting: An Analysis in Media Rhetoric and Storytelling. In final editor's review, revisions all complete November 2009. Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management Journal.
  5. 107. Boje, D. M. Two Theories of Counternarrative: Communicative Constitution of Organizations (CCO) and Storytelling Organization Theory (SOT)in review at, European J. of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management. Abstract: The essay develops a conversation between Communicative Constitution of Organizations (CCO) theory and Storytelling Organization theory (SOT). CCO and SOT are both about communication, self-organizing process, and adaptability of complex organizations to their environment. However whereas CCO privileges the ‘communicative’ event in in organization and organizing, SOT privileges the fragmented story and untold story events. CCO and SOT rarely cite one another’s work, but both have important contributions to make to counter-narrative.    See pre-press PDF.

Books about to be completed

  1. Boje, D.M. & Bakin, Ken. Daning to the Music of Story. This is an edited book on complexity and storytellling. To be published at Information Age Press (Charlotte, NC). Expected early 2010
  2. Boje, D. M. (Ed). Storytelling and the Future of Organizations: Antenarratives Handbook. Publisher: Routledge. 28 chapters


Working Papers

  1. Transorganizational Development Gameboard
    1. Boje, D.M. "Holon and Transorganization Theory" (Sep 30, 1999a)
    3. Boje, D.M. "Transorganization Development and the Death of Organization
    4. Development (Oct 3, 1999b)
    5. Boje, D.M. "Who Rules Large System Transorganizational Development (TD) Consulting? (Oct 6, 1999c)
    6. Boje, D.M. "Storytelling and the Collective Dynamics of Transorganizational Networking" (Oct 7, 1999d)
    7. Boje, D.M. "Chaos and Complexity in Supply Chain Tansorganizational Development Networking" (Oct 9, 1999e)
  2. Green Accounting Gameboard at
  3. Small Business Toolbox at