Doctoral, Cabrini University

1. Member, Markus Hege
Doctoral student
Laboratoire Magellan
University Jean Moulin Lyon 3

2. Member, James R. Sibel
Doctoral Student
Cabrini University

3. Member, Bena Long
Doctoral Student
Cabrini University

4. Member, Anton Shufutinsky
Doctoral Student
Cabrini University

5.Member, Gabe, Doctoral Student
Cabrini University

Doctoral (NMSU) 1996-2018

  1. Chair, Erin Frew 2001 -2002
  2. Chair Yue Cai, 2003-2006
  3. Member, Esther Enríquez (Critical Pedagogy, Education), 2003- present
  4. Member, Eduardo Macías (Education), 2003 to present
  5. Member Isabel Tun (English Dept), 2003-2004
  6. Chair: Landrum, Nancy, 1999-2000
  7. Chair: Alvarez, Rossana, August 1996-2000
  8. Chair: John Luhman, June 1997-2000
  9. Chair: Mark Hillon (2001-present)
  10. Chair: Esther Thomas (2002-present)
  11. Chair: Bill Smith (2001-present)
  12. Chair: Carolyn Gardner (August 1996-2002, Accounting)
  13. Member Mecias, Edwardo 2000-present (Education)
  14. Member Hynes, Pat, December 1996-2001 (I-doc)
  15. Member Martinez , Sandra, 1996-2000 (Management)
  16. Member Nahrwold, Cindy, 1996-2001 ( English College )
  17. Wandemberg, Juan Carlos, July 1997-2001 ( College of Agriculture )
  18. Bartel, Sheldon, 1997-1999 ( College of Agriculture )
  19. Sharief A Al-Askara, 2006-2006 (College of Engineering)
  20. Chair, David Tobey, July 2007-2010
  21. External evaluator, dissdertation A. Strand, 2010-2012
  22. Chair, Joe Gladstone, October 2007- 2012
  23. Member, Manos Kalargiros (2008-2010, Management)
  24. Member, Dennis Kopf (2008-2011, Marketing)
  25. Member, Gerrie McColloh (2008-2016, English Rhetoric)
  26. Member, Randy Chulick (2008-present, English Rhetroic)
  27. Member, Diane Walker (2008-present, Critical Pedagogy, Curriculum and Instruction,College of Education)
  28. Chair, Rohny Saylors, 2012-2016, Management
  29. Chair Jillian Saylor I-doc, 2013-2016, Management & Educcaiton Curriculum and Instruction
  30. Chair Sebastian Valentes, 2013-2016, Management
  31. Cynthia Cortez, member, 2014-2017, Educaiton Curriculum and Instruction
  32. Chair, Nazanin Tourini, 2013-2016, Management
  33. Chair, Hank Strevel, 2014-2017, Management
  34. Chair, Mabel Sanchez, 2016-present



  1. College Executive Committee, 1996-1997.
  2. Quality Committee for the College, 1996-1997.
  3. Outcomes Assessment Committee for the College, 1996-1997.
  4. Chair, search committee for strategy position, 1996-1997.
  5. Department of Management, Graduate Qualifying Committee, 1996-1997.
  6. Strategic planning Chair (2003-2004); Ph.D. in Management Director (1999-2004)
  7. Member University Research Committee 2007-2008 (2 yr term)
  8. Chair, Recruitment and Retention Committee for College of Business - member 2005-present; Chair 2007-2009
  9. On Tues Mar 4th 2009 David Boje attended and participated in the meeting for Civic Engagement of students and faculty of NMSU and UNM in service learning projects for the community. This is about finding funds for students to get work study and Americorps money as they do internships in arts and culture, sustainability, health, government policy, and k-12 education. This is an on going set of meetings facilitated by Associate Vice Provost Paul Gutierrez, as part of developing a Kellogg grant.
  10. David Boje attended the SCORE meeting Mar 4th 2009 on ways to develop small business seminars for the economy of Dona Ana County. NMSU has signed a formal agreement to be co-sponsor of the FUSION Arts & Culture Convention for economic development of Dona Ana County. NMSU will co-sponsor the WHAT'S ART CONVENTION Oct 2-4 2009 in Rio Grande Theatre (Oct 2) and Alma d'arte (Oct 3 &4 on Court Street, Las Cruces, and in Pioneer Women's Park on Oct 4th), and its open to the public, but registration is required. Besides NMSU other co-sponsors are City of LC, Town of Mesilla, Alma d'arte, Downtown Mainstreet, ACT - A Children's Theatre, Mikey's Place for the arts, and local small businesses such as A Perfect Fit. Seminars in small business for arts economy will be part of the event along with master artists doing murals, ice sculptures, and haute cuisine (with collaborative art from the convention activities to be unveiled Sunday Oct 4th). For more information or to register, contact or visit See video of 2008 arts Convention held at NMSU KRWG archives and the video is at
  11. NMSU University committee: Service Learning Task Force, member 2008-2013
  12. Member, Faculty Council for the Business College, 2009-2011
  13. Sustainability Council of NMSU, Chair , 2000-2012 and 2015-2016

Doctoral (UCLA) 1980-1986

  1. Rhonda Alberg, College of Education, 1980-86
  2. Jo Anne Combs, Anthropology, 1981-86
  3. Christine Ann Novell, College of Education, 1982-86
  4. Maria Lombardi Bullen, GSM, 1983-86
  5. Candice Hartung, GSM, 1983-86
  6. Diane Glassman, College of Education, 1983-86
  7. Mary-Anne Pops, College of Education, 1983-86
  8. Karen Kennedy, College of Education, 1983-86
  9. Janie Marie Roper, Anthropology, 1983-86
  10. Flora Betty Yen, College of Education, 1983-86
  11. Paula Bagasow, College of Education, 1984-86
  12. Gail Salaway, GSM, 1984-86
  13. Tushar Kanti Das, GSM, 1984-86
  14. Donald F. Rossmoore, GSM, 1984-86
  15. Susan Nero, GSM, 1984-86
  16. David Shuldiner, Folklore & Mythology, 1984-86
  17. Roberta Krell, Folklore & Mythology, 1984-86


Masters (LMU) 1988-1996

  1. CMS HR Group Advisor to 10 students traveling to Western Europe, Summer 1991.
  2. CMS HR Group Advisor to 8 students traveling to Asia, Summer 1992.
  3. Thesis Advisor, Paula McCarty, MBA Student.


Doctoral (U.C. Irvine)

  1. Almaraz, Jeanne, 1991-Present


Masters (NMSU)

  1. Azia Alheif, NMSU Sociology, Masters Oral, Nov 2009
  2. Elizabeth Moore, Social Work, Masters Oral, Nov 2009
  3. Marjorie Saylors, MBA,Masters Thesis Committee Chair, Summer, 2017



Doctoral - in US University committees

  1. Ray Luechtefeld (Boston College), 2000-20002
  2. Kevin Grant, (Uinversity of Virginia Beach) 2006-2009
  3. Ben White (Georgetown University) 2007-2008
  4. Marie WIlbanks (COlorado Technical University) 2009-present
  5. Cynthia Johnson (Colorado Technical University) 2009-present


Doctoral (France Dauphine University)

  1. PhD Committee Rapporteur. Garance Marechal (2004-2007)



International - External Examiner/Member of Committee

  1. University of Liverpool, Management School
  2. Melanie Bryant, PhD Monash University
  3. Jan Schapper (Adjudicator) Monash University
  4. Sumohon Matilal, (member, University of Essex, UK) (2005)
  5. Christine Marechal - 2002- present, University of Dauphine, Paris
  6. Kate Kearns, University of Waikato, New Zealand (2000-2001)
  7. Dirk Bunzel, University of Western Sydney, Australia (2000-2001)
  8. Julie Cox, Monash University, Australia
  9. Member dissertation committee, Stuart Middleton, University of Tasmania (2004-2006)
  10. Linda Musacchio Adorisio (member) – Swiss National Foundation funds her work in New Mexico for 2006-2008
  11. Soren H. C. Bjonness (Member) zur Erlangen der Wurde eines Doktors der Stattswissenchaften (Basel, Switzerland) 2005-2006.
  12. Julia De Roeper (External Reviewer) University of South Australia) 2006.
  13. Gordon Adler (External Reviewer) University of South Australia 2006.
  14. External Reviewer of Professor Srinivas, The New School for Management & Urban Policy, NY, 2008
  15. Jeffrey Ford (External Reviewer) Ohio State University, US, 2009
  16. External Reviewr of Robert Mellor's thesis, Univerity of Technology, Sydney Australia, 2009
  17. Committee member, dissertation, Etieno Enang Scotland


Administrative Committees - UCLA

  1. Ad hoc review committee - 1 in 1979 (UCLA)


College, Departmental or Other University Committees (UCLA)

  1. Committee to revise Winter Nucleus Course, (Professor Bob Andrews, Chairman), Sep. 1979-Mar. 80.
  2. Committee to improve quality of student life on campus, (Vice Chancellor C.Z. Wilson, Chairman), Oct. 1979-June 80.
  3. Chairman, Curriculum Revision for P/NFP Program, Jan.-June 1980.
  4. Committee to revise Behavioral & Organizational Science Curriculum, Sep. 1979-81.
  5. Staffing Committee, 1980-81.
  6. Faculty Advisory Committee for the Center for the Study of Comparative Folklore & Mythology, 1984-86.


LMU Committee Service

  1. College of Business Research Committee, Fall 1988-96.
  2. Department of Management Curriculum Committee, Fall 1988; Search Committee.
  3. College of Business Computer Committee, Spring 1990-Fall 1991.
  4. College of Business MBA Policy Committee, Fall 1990-Fall 1993.
  5. LMU Teaching Committee (Ad Hoc), Spring 1990-Spring 1991.
  6. LMU CBA Research Committee, Fall 1990-Spring 1992.
  7. LMU University Research Committee, Spring 1991-Spring 1993.
  8. LMU CBA Planning Ad Hoc Committee, Spring 1991-96.
  9. Special Games Committee for LMU, Spring 1992-96.
  10. Housing Appeals Board, Spring 1992-96.
  11. Management Department Search Committee, 1992-96.