1. Commencement Day Speaker, Burlington College, 1972.
  2. Graduated First in College, Burlington College.
  3. Andrew J. Rider Scholar, Rider College, 1972-1974.
  4. Founder's Day Speaker, Rider College, 1974.
  5. Summa Cum Laude, Rider College, first in Business College.
  6. Award for Outstanding Project for Improving Undergraduate Education, (with Louis R. Pondy), University of IL, 1977.
  7. Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher in Business Administra-tion, University of IL, 1977.
  8. Selected by review panel chaired by Craig Lundberg, USC, as one of three to present papers to the Most Promising Scholars Session of the Western Academy of Management Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA, Mar. 1983 (see "Papers Presented at Professional Societies").
  9. Loyola Marymount University Teacher of the Year, 1988-1989.
  10. LMU College of Business Administration Teacher of the Year 1988-1989.
  11. Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Faculty of the Year, 1990.
  12. Loyola Marymount University Teacher of the Year, 1989-1990.
  13. Westchester/LAX Chamber of Commerce "The Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award," April 1990.
  14. California Legislative Assembly "Certificate of Recognition" for teaching, May 14, 1990.
  15. Los Angeles County Board of Education, the Christa McAuliffe "Flag of Learning & Liberty" pin, May 1990.
  16. Loyola Marymount University & College of Business Teacher of the Year, 1990-1991.
  17. Smart & Final Iris Faculty Scholar, Loyola Marymount University, 1992.
  18. Loyola Marymount Teacher of the Year for the College of Business Administration, 1991-1992 (fourth year in a row as Teacher of the Year).
  19. $1,000 & a plaque from Samuel Moore Walton Free Enterprise Fellow-ship, Students in Free Enterprise, Apr. 1993.
  20. Plaque for best paper: International Academy of Business Disciplines, Pittsburgh, PA, April 1994.
  21. Best paper, Consultation Division of Academy of Management Meetings, Dallas, TX, August 1994.
  22. Special feature in Loyola Marymount University President's Report on work in Nickerson Gardens Tutoring program & Greenback Company management teaching model, pp. 4-5, 1994.
  23. Loyola Marymount University, Service to the University Award by Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, 1994-95.
  24. Certificate of Recognition, Board of Directors of IABD, April 6-9, 1995.
  25. Peace Corps of the United States: In appreciation for establishing the Peace Corps Fellows Program and Loyola Marymount University, April 9, 1996.
  26. Recycling service Award by Beta Phi class of Delta Sigma Pi, for initiating recycling program in Business College, October, 1996.
  27. Sigma Iota Epsilon, honoree and certificate, February 21, 1997.
  28. Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service, Board of Directors of IABD, April, 1997.
  29. Recognition of Support from Doctoral Students of Management Department of NMSU, May 11, 1997.
  30. 1999 award of Outstanding Research & Scholarship from the CBAE of NMSU.
  31. Advisor of the year 2000, award for advising Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity, New Mexico State University.
  32. 2000 Gephart, R., Frayne C.A., Boje, D., White, J. & Lawless M. (2000). "Breaking Frames and Changing Fields," Genres at Journal of Management Inquiry, Editors' Special: Breaking the Frame Award Committee, Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol 9. No. 3, 246.
  33. 2003-2006 Arthur Owens Anderson Endowed Professorship, Business College, NMSU
  34. 2006-2009 Bank of America Endowed Professorship, Business College, NMSU
  35. 2008 University Research Council Award for Exceptional Achievements in Creative Scholarly Activity, NMSU was presented to David Boje by President Waded Cruzado on Aug 19 2008 -- NMSU Press release on Boje's 2008 career achievement award from New Mexico State University.
  36. 2008 Dec 13 2008 - Invited to Commencement Platform Party of President Waded Cruzado for recognition of Exceptional Achievements in Creative Scholarly Activity Award.
  37. May 2010 - Awarded Bill Daniels Ethics Fellow grant and position by Dean of Business College and Bill Daniels Foundation.
  38. 2009 -2010 - "Distinguished Educator of the Institute for Advanced Studies" award given by Colorado Technical University for invited symposium given to doctoral students and faculty on relation of storytelling, action research, and restorying (with Grace Ann Rosie). Award was a rather handsome plaque.
  39. Boje, D. M. 2011. Keynote speaker to Brazil Academy of Management (The National Association of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Administration - Associação Nacional dos Programas de Pós-graduação e Pesquisa em Administração – ANPAD) XXXIV meeting, 25th to 29th September, 2011. Presentation on Sept 28th. Presentation: Post-modernism and the linking of antenarrative with Material Conditions: Material Agential Storytelling.
  40. Boje, D. M. 2011. Keynote speaker to UK Ethnography Conference (not previously reported) on Postcritical Ethnography, Hermeneutics, and Storytelling Ethics of the New Mexico Arts Scene, August 17, 2011Keynote address and paper presentation for the UK Ethnography Conference, Liverpool
  41. Boje, D. M. 2011. Quantum Physics and the Socioeconomic Approach to Small Business Consulting: As Practices in New Mexico State University. A keynote presentation to the International Meeting of Research Methods Division, of Academy of Management, Lyon France. June 15 2011. A copy is being prepared for the proceedings. The talk is base on research reports in Mgt 448/548 of NMSU College of Business. For online study materials for this course, see this link:
  42. Honorary Doctorate was conferred May 2012 to Professor David M. Boje, the degree "Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa," for his distinguished efforts in the field of the Humanities, Aalborg University, Denmark.
  43. Keynote speaker on 23 June 2012 to the 4th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies; Theme: Language and Communication @ Work: Discourse, Narrativity and Organizing, 21-23 June 2012, Kos, Greece. Boje's presentation and film: "Quantum Storytelling: Blacksmithing Art in the Quantum Age." YouTube Film Keynote film. Available on NMSU Business College website at

  44. Distinguished University Professor, NMSU awarded to D. M. Boje in 2012 for his academic and scholarly achievements.
  45. David Boje, keynote addess to Standing Conference for Management and Organization Inquiry (sc'MOI) in Philadelphia, April 2014
  46. David Boje (Management Department) presented is keynote address to the Cross-Cultural Conference in Warwick, UK on how storytelling can help student veterans at universities, as well as help homeless veterans. The basis is two research studies, with approved NMSU IRBs. First, to study the efficacy of two interventions that are said to help student veterans and their families: (1) use of equine skill training in groundwork that has veterans use the horse arena as a ‘giant sandtray’ and use horses and other objects to relate their deployment and return to family and community. It is funded by an Interdisciplinary Research Grant award form the VP of Research Office. The rationale: There is a growing interest in equine sessions supporting the psychological health and developing positive family relationships of service members, veterans and their families worldwide. The second condition, is to use two foot by 18 inch sandtray, where veterans and their family members select small toy soldiers, toy figures to represent family members, and deployment, and return-from-deployment situations. There is also pre- and post-test surveys (& interviews), with the two treatment conditions, and with a control condition.
    The second study, also with approved IRB, is to work with formerly homeless veterans at Community of Hope in Las Cruces. Boje along with Dr. Liz EnglandKennedy conducted weekly ‘Storytelling Healing’ sessions during the entire Fall semester of 2014. Boje and EnglandKennedy are developing a book on the homeless veterans embodied restorying. Mgt 655 management doctoral students participated, become IRB certified, learned to conduct interview and qualitative analyses, and submitted candidate chapters for the book project.
    For Boje’s Warwick conference keynote presentation and other materials, go to
    Warwick & Estonia presentations Boje 2014 June
  47. David Boje (Management Department) on Nov 3rd will present a keynote address titled: 'The Future of Storytelling: How Equine-Assisted Growth & Learning Events (EAGLE) and Embodied Restorying Processes (ERP) are Counter-Narrative’ to the the ‘Counter-Narrative Conference’ being held at Syddansk University (Denmark). Boje will be presenting examples for studies of veterans and their family members developing an ‘authentic Self’ by externalizing the social self prescribed by military and social narratives and counter-narratives. The research project includes both Embodied Restorying Processes (ERP) and Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Events (EAGLE). The key issue is how these interventions are ‘agential’ and ‘empowering’ for stress from combat. According to noted narrative scholar Dennis Polkinghorne, ‘restorying’ is a language game (text-based social construction) and is not at all agential. In the ‘new’ materialism approaches to storytelling, such as that of Anete Strand (2011, 2012), having subjects work with material objects in a sandtray can be ‘agential’ because there is a significant interaction effect between the ‘materialisms’ and the ‘discourse.’ In EAGLE, the arena itself is a huge kind of sandtray, and the horses, people, and the material objects (cones, rails, etc.) interact to from agential relations. Strand combines Boje’s work on storytelling with Barad’s agential-realism, and multi-modality (talk, acting, material objects). Boje’s work is having the veterans and family members critique institutional 'grand narratives' and counter-narratives by developing Little Wow Moments (LWM) of exception to those narratives (& counter-narratives), and also doing an important ontological move: creating ‘moments of vision’ of new possible futures that are not tied to the past, and developing action steps to bring one of them about. For more info on EAGlE see
  48. Also at Syddansk University (Denmark) on Nov 4th, David Boje (Management Department ( will present a 90 minute workshop on research methods for doing storytelling research. The workshop will cover quantitative and quantitative approaches. Quantitative automated text analyses will include Leximancer, Diction, and Latent Semantic Analysis. The qualitative approaches will include examples of deconstruction, counter-narrative, and include new work on antenarrative strategy.
  49. David Boje and Grace Ann Rosile (Management Department) will be doing a keynote Keynote conference presentation, Wednesday 5 November 2014 CIAO XII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS 2014 ORGANIZATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS: TRADITION AND MULTICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT. TRIBUTE TO EDUARDO IBARRA CAST; 5, 6 and 7 November 2014 in Cancun Quintana Roo, Mexico; Also submitted to work table: New methodological approaches in Organizational Analysis. The talk is titled, 'Pragmatist-Storytelling Research for Multicuralismo Studies'. ur focus in this keynote is on how storytelling can be combined with four kinds of pragmatism to produce new directions in research, theory, and practice. We will discuss and give examples of pragmatist research that is, in and in-between, what we call COPE, Critical-, Ontologic-, [post] Positivistic-, and Epistemic-storytelling. Our main focus in on how to use pragmatist storytelling as a research methodology for Multicuralismo studies. This presentation is available on line at
  50. Kenneth L. Hacker, Ahmed Abdelali, Jennifer Johnston , and David Boje (2016) Analyzing Iranian Leaders’ Conflict Framing
    With Leximancer Automated Text Analysis. STRADA Team Website: were awarded Top Political Communication Paper at the Political Communication Division of the National Communication Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. See Certificate. See PDF of paper.
  51. Boje and Rosile(2017)
    "That's Interesting!“ Award from the track for the EGOS paper presented in Copenhagen. Track winners are submitted to the overall conference award process, which concludes in 2018, next conference announcement.
    David M. Boje & Grace Ann Rosile: Critical realism storytelling into shamanic and capitalistic ways of emotion in TrumpLand
  52. David M. Boje (Management Department) received award from Military and Veterans Programs at their annual banquet on 10 November, 2017 for his continued support and dedication to our military and veterans students at New Mexico State University.
  53. David M. Boje (Management Department) was presented an award on December 14, 2017 from Amandine and Henri Savall for his contributions to SOCIOECONOMIC approach over last 18 years. Boje teaches and does reearch on socioeconomic appraoch to management consulting (Mgt448 & Mgt 548), in accordance with MOU between Lyon III and Savall's ISEOR group in France. It is only one of two universities in US authorized to teach the appraoch. more info and photo at
  54. 2018 August Boje was honored to be Distinguished Speaker at Acadmoy of Management's Management Consultation Division.