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Today’s TEACHING ACACEMY Session: Teaching with Storytelling  - David M. Boje dboje@nmsu.edu 575-532-1693 August 27 2014 Miltion Hall Room 50 2:30-5PM

1.1 ~  What Story do you tell to start your class?

1.2 ~ FIRST TOOL: Bag of Toy Animals Pick an animal – This is your character for the day

1.3 ~ SECOND TOOL: The Talking Stick

1.4 ~ THIRD TOOL: Sand Play

1.6 ~ Grace Ann Rosile – The Donkey Story
Thank you – You are invited to the Book Signing, Barnes & Nobles, upstairs at 5: 05PM
Talking Stick Circle Guidelines (Boje & Gladstone, 2008)
1. We sit in circles, not pyramids.
2. The person with the Talking Stick is the designated story-talker.
3. Pass the Talking Stick clockwise. Start with the person sitting in the East-most position, then go to the right. In Talking Stick going clockwise is an earth-process. Otherwise the magic is undone.
4. Persons without the Talking Stick, please listen, write notes, and notice the story. Focus your listener attention on the storyteller with the Talking Stick. Let your mind recall stories as the teller tells stories.
5. Try to limit interruptions. A person with the Talking Stick can pass it to someone for a clarification, question, or amplification on a point, then call the stick back to finish their story.
6. There will be multiple rounds of Talking Stick Story Circles. Each time there is a question. At the end of a round of story-sharing, story-noticing (story-listening), a spokes-person repeats the main themes, issues, resolutions, and proposals that came up. So be sure to take notes.
7. The output of Talking Stick Circle is ideas, proposals, and stories of a vitalized community. Designate people to listen, to observe, and to provide a report out of the collective story that is emerging in the Circle.
8. The point is to create a collective story, one that is faithful to everyone's living stories, to unify in community. More info at http://talkingstick.info

Examples of Courses – using Storytelling Teaching: Mgt 655 Systems Theory Seminar ; Mgt 375v Global Sustainability seminar