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Quantum Energy Work by David M. Boje, Shamanic Practitioner

Part of my own personal Shamanic Practitioner work is done in Quantum Energy. Sandra Ingerman (2004) in Shamanic Journeying A Beginner's Guide (Sound True Press) gives examples of how Shamanic Work is akin to Quantum interconnection of all things in the web of life. All things have spirit and living energy. "Just as quantum physics describes a field of energy that connects all of life, shamans also speak of a web of life that connects everything. In modern culture, many of us feel a deep longing to experience our unity with this web of life and to heal our sense of isolation" (Ingerman, 2004: 8). We living in a quantum field universe with particles and wave transformations in the web of life (Boje, D. M. (2014). Storytelling organizational practices: Managing in the quantum age. Routledge).

  1. We are part of the living Quantum Energy Field. We walk with or against the flow of quantum energy waves. We live in a Spiral Galaxy, the Milky Way, on one its Spiral Arms is our solar system. Spiral GalaxyWe can choose the upward spiral path or the downward spiral path in our life journey. We are invaded by branching fractals. We are pulled into an invading downward spiral, and unless we turn around we plunge into the abyss (chaos, turbulence, addiction). Some fractals radiate positive energy (freedom, love, peace, serenity), and others drag us down, give us Soul and Power loss, Soul fragmentation.
  2. We are in attunement with upward quantum spiral rhythms and we can get into attunement with downward quantum spiral rhythms. Most SPirals we work in are combinations of upward and downward spral. The Mandelbrot Sprial is an example. Mandelbrot Spiral FractalOur helping Spirit Teacher and our Helping Animal Spirit can teach us to get into harmony with the web of life. There are paths out of a downward spiral, quantum leaps we can take to get on the upward spiral path. In this way we help our community caught in its spiral to change and transform.
  3. We can give thanks and gratitude to the upward serial of living that is bringing us positive energy and power, and the beauty of the web of life. This journeying forms the basis of a path of the upward quantum spiral.
  4. As an exercise, journey to the Quantum World, and merge with its wave forces. Feel what it feels like. Let all your senses in altered consciousness experience the Quantum waves, the pure light and life energy of that landscape. Step onto the Spiral Whorls, and travel upwards, outwards, then back inwards, and downwards. Be able to move freely, in freedom and liberation. Be able to radiate quantum field energy waves.
  5. In quantum journeying, you can ask such questions (intentions) as the following:
    1. Where should I look for Quantum World?
    2. How can I heal a community's downward spiral rhythm? Spiral FractalFirst you will need permission from that quantum community.
    3. Second, you can do a quantum diagnosis of the relationship of the downward and upward spiral forces, the centering and outward spiral forces, and the path of the whole spiral through its quantum world.
    4. Third, enter and merge with the Fractal Spiral. What are its energies? What are its colors? Which way are the energies flowing? Upward, downward, inward, outward? How can we radiate energy that changes the Fractal Waves?
    5. How can I heal a command-and-control Branching Fractal? Ethics: Ask permission of the Fractal Spirit? Are they aware of alternative Fractal Patterns.
    6. What is the pattern of the branching fractal in the organization where I work? Branching Fractal typical of most organizations What would change this Branching-Hierachical-Fractal into a more democratic social pattern?
    7. The Branching Fractal altered to be Spiralic.
  6. I work with quantum storytelling practices You are welcome to attend the annual Quantum Storytelling Conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Here is Some Writing I have been doing on Downward Spiral of Addictions and the Upward Spiral of Recovery and Freedom

THE SEVEN HABITS OF THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL OF ADDICTION (Boje, 2016, for the Veterans Theater Book: Corporations Addicted Me and I Set Myself Free.

Whorl 1 - entering the downward spiral: Homeless is introduced to alcohol and drugs, and encouraged to experiment by peers. They are pulled, and maybe pushed into experimenting. What’s the fuss? Give it a try. Some people like a little Spice in their life. Family and friends may not notice you have entered the first whorl of downward spiral. It is easiest to take an upsurge spiral path up and out of the downward spiral.  Upon entering, most become skeptical there is any real danger. ‘Hey, I don’t think the downward spiral exists.’ Others see the writing on the whorl, what Dante said, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!”

Whorl 2 - taking the downturn: Finding escape, the homeless wants to escape again, and continues using, now and again.  They become regular users, enjoying every puff, snort, and chug. Side effects begin to happen now and again. Running out of money, loss of job, family members begin to shun and want their distance. Poor decisions are made, such as taking more hits, hanging with the wrong sort of folk. The homeless addict can still care for themselves, well almost. On this whorl, the person may or may not, have drive to succeed, to live the American Dream. Feeling kind of high, they can almost touch it.  Control the narrative: tell everyone, ‘hey I’m just relaxing, blowing off steam, join me?’  Tell yourself, “I’m a functioning drunk, take it or leave it, or I only use after work.’

Whorl 3 - downward into dependency:  On this whorl, there is object dependency on alcohol or drug of choice. Without the hit, none can cope, cannot get through the day, or the night. There is physical not just emotional dependency on the drug. The outcome on this whorl is depression, a loss of mental health has set in. No more American Dream, who cares anyway, take the escape pill. Now the self-talk, and the rationalization to others goes like this: “I have my good days and my bad days, like everyone else.”

Whorl 4 - downward into tolerance for more: With more use, a tolerance level builds up, and it takes more of the drug to find the same level of escape.  To stop on this whorl, means pain from withdrawal effects.  The organs are beginning to show wear and tear. Continued use will ravage them. Relationships by the 4th Whorl, are deteriorating, the addict is very needy, and quite deceptive, manipulative, a taker more than a giver. Best to kick the addict relative to the curb. They may be some self-reflection about direction of the spiral: “things seem to get a little worse, month by month, day by day.”

Whorl 5 - downward past the point of no return. Too painful are the withdrawal pains. An addict on the downward spiral on this whirl, will do anything, lie to anybody, steal anything and everything.  Stable employment, at anything more than day labor, and or being paid pittance under the table (off the box) is all there is. A life of crime or head to the detox center is the choice. Maybe, for you getting caught in a felony, is a call to action, to get into a program, take it serious, and get out of the downward spiral, whorl by whorl, go up and out. There is self-awareness, that life has spun into a descent, and is increasingly out of peronsal control.

Whorl 6 - downward into the living nightmare, the walking dead, zombie land, the abyss, until the person hits bottom, almost find death, and death keeps knocking on the door.  This is the low point of life, drained of self-respect, and no way out. Hopelessness and helplessness, follow the routine of the shelter. Then banned from the mission or shelter, head out to camp under the bridge, in a pipe, or dig a cave.  Denial is a daily companion: what it’s not me, its them. Those rotten scoundrels in Washington D.C., the system is stacked against me. What choice do I have? There is realization that in every area of your life, there is decline, a downward spiral is quite real here and now.

Whorl 7: HIT ROCK BOTTOM - either take an upswing whorl, claw your way up whirl by whirl, or you are dead, the abyss will take you to the other side. Realization sets in: life is never going to get better, unless some ‘real’ changes are made. Unwilling to lose more health, have less friends, less family answering their calls.  Its the final turn around point, Hey, if its tooo much trouble, just surrender to the abyss.


It is also about SOW AND REAP. But instead of dumb thoughts you wow intelligent thoughts.
Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action, reap a habit
Sow a habit, reap a character
Sow a character, reap a destiny
Sow a destiny, reap leadership in your living story life

Make a leap from a downward whorl to an upswing whorl in the upward spiral leading to freedom from addiction, back to life.


Whorl 1 - the first upsurge to Recovery: Homeless addicts, you can begin a way out in many ways: Housing first, does not deal with the drug or alcohol addiction. The pusher still knock on the door, live in the apartment next door, deliver to the one above you. in this whorl, one can deny the problem. Have a social security check, a HUD voucher, a VA housing benefit, Just budget rent first, then keep using.

Whorl 2 - take the upswing, make a decision to not live in dependency:  say no to the pusher.

Whorl 3 - investigate your recovery options: join an AA meeting, go to church or synagogue, Why not try it?

Whorl 4 - Actually to to a meeting: take the first step, then another step. Maybe give a testimony, go to another meeting instead of hanging with the same crowd of users.

Whorl 5 - Withdrawal is painful: can you stand the pain? A detox center is a way to get care while you withdraw. No pain, no gain. One day at a time. These are you self-talk ways to program the mind, from thought to action.

Whorl 6 - Made it through withdrawals: Maybe the body organs still collapsing. Perhaps one of the Spice hits, messed up brain circuits, forever. Perhaps, as a felon, getting a job, even sober and clean, is not that easy. Maybe you are now a senior citizen, and parking carts at Wal-Mart is all that is available. Can you deal with it without taking the downward whorl?

Whorl 7 - CLIMB OUT, ENTER THE OUTTER RING OF JOY: The upward whorl, moves slower, with more degrees of freedom. You have found your new routine, and learned to care again, and to find joy, day by day. Maintain the path, since once an addict, always have to keep working the program. Find serenity, and hopefulness. Serve others. Keep hope alive. Be at peace, and help others to find it. Hope and Peace are the only way to keep out of the downward spiral.