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April 16 2018 Storytelling Research Seminar (6 Hrs)

Preparation for Seminar: Please download 20 Storytelling Paradigms; 18 are beyond 1st 3 waves of Grounded Theory, and are basis of two new books in menu at your left about 4th wave approaches. We will spend the morning doing research interactive training, and in afternoon I will demo one of the analyses I did for a published study, and end the day with creative meditative ways to get past writers block. Join us.

  1. Storyteling Research Paradigms: 4 Learning Exercises - Slides 10 AM to 1300 LUNCH

  2. How to Analyze Storytelling Research - Slides 1400 to 1600

  3. How to Publish without Writers Block - Slides 1600 to 1700


First, we move beyond the first 3 waves of Grounded Theory (GT) because, "There is no Ground and no Theory"! Before Extinction is Boje's newest book, a way to develop a FOURTH WAVE GT to deconstrcut globalization BEFORE it brings about our extinction.

4 Waves of Grounded Theory by D. M. Boje 2018

The purpose of the STORYTELLING SEMINAR is to go beyond first three waves of Grounded Theory (GT) to the 'Fourth Wave' of ontology approaches that ground in our Being-in-the-world, a world coming to an end because we are sleep walking, denying the hidden costs of globalization.

3 Storytelling Paradigms that interplay in the Real by DM Boje 2018

The Storytelling Research Seminar will focus on the interplay of three paradigms: (1) Western Ways of Knowing (WWOK) of Narrative-Counternarrative oppositions, (2) Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK), and the Antenarrative Processes of Becoming & Forecaring.


April 17 2018 Public Lecture (60 minutes & 30 minutes Q & A)

Globalization and the End of the World - Slides based on new book


For University of Strathclyde events by David M. Boje will address how to awaken from the Panglossia Narratives of Globalization before the Extinction of us all.

5 Extinctions


Here is a map of the concepts. My work is on Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWORK) that inform worker-driven CSR. It have been looking at extinction events and the grand challenges that are implicated in hidden costs of globalization.  My work is in analyzing global and corporate narratives and the counternarratives of less developed nations and their peoples.

CORE DRIVERS (Greed, Growthmania, & Fear) MANIFEST: Vicious Spirals of waste, pollution, degradation, depletion, exploitation, poverty, corruption, deprivation, and increasing inequalitiesGLOBALIZATION RESULT:

World Wealth in a Margarita Glass - D. M. Boje 2018 & why

'REAL' Triple Bottom Line looks like this

What can we do to make it work?

First FLIP IT so PROFIT DOES NOT RULE OVER People and Planet

Add something to make it workable: forecaring in advance for Probable Extinction