University of Canterbury March 2019 Sessions by Grace Ann Rosile & David Boje

  Seminar Series Title: COMPLETING YOUR PhD with Professors Rosile and Boje

-          The purpose of the seminar series is for faculty and students to actively engage with Professors Rosile and Boje and to discuss their work in an interactive manner.
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Storytelling Science and Your Dissertation

David M. Boje & Grace Ann Rosile

in submission, UK, US, Singapore: World Scientific

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DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINARS (open to Graduate Students and Faculty)

-          Doctoral Seminar 1 led by Grace Ann Rosile - Thurs 7 March 9AM-noon  (Semester 1): Managing your thesis through to submission slides Differences in Western Narratives, Living Stories, and Antenarratives

-         Doctoral  Seminar 2 led by Grace Ann Rosile with D. Boje - Thursday 14 March 9AM-noon (Semester 1): Putting your voice into dissertation, presenting your research for job interviews and funders; autoethnography Slides for Seminar 2 and Seminar 3 are here.

-          Doctoral Seminar 3 led by Grace Ann Rosile with D. Boje - Thursday 21 March 9AM-noon (Semester 1): Introduction to Self-Correcting Induction Methodology; practice linking experience to theory; Why conversational interviewing is better method than semi-structured interviewing (Hawthorne studies) Slides for STORYTELLING DATA ANALYSIS and Deconstructing Coca Cola STORY MAP

-          Doctoral Seminar 4 -led by Grace Ann Rosile with D. Boje Thursday 28 March 9AM-11AM (Semester 1): Publishing with colleagues or classmates; seeking co-authors, applying for grants, consulting

Wednesday Mar 20 2019 MGMT616 Leadership Class  10AM 4th Floor MereMere Bldg Room 411. University of Canterbury (Professor Colleen Mills). Slides on Braided Leadership after the Shooting Slides on Leadership and Sociomateriality with Popper and Sartre?

- Advanced Storytelling Science Seminar 1 by David Boje - Tuesday 19 March 2-3PM. What is  the Storytelling Science Paradigm Shift HERE ARE SLIDES for latest STORYTELLING SCIENCE with Braided River focus.
- Advance Storytelling Science Seminar 2  by David Boje - Tuesday 26 March 2-3PM  SLIDES FOR CONVERSATIONAL STORYTELLING METHODOLOGY

Special slides for Rohny = AI and Positive Science Deconstruction
- What would Karl Popper Say about Grounded Theory - University-wide seminar (date to be announced) by David Boje

Popper's Image of Quest for Certainty

Storytelling Science with the Antenarrative

Professors Rosile and Boje have offered to engage in a wide range of seminars and public events, as well as meeting one on one with doctoral students. They are community-focused scholars.  

WWOKer's Western Storytelling Science Paradigm and IWOKer's Native Science Storytelling Paradigm are out of balance. The result is disastorous to all.

Double Spiral Storytelling Paradigm Shift Theory

Figure 1: How IWOKer's True Storytelling Paradigm is Losing SpaceTimeMattering to WWOKer's TrumpLand Fake Storytelling Paradigm

IWOK aspires to Native Science for a 'True Storytelling' relation to Nature. WWOK aspires to destroy and exhaust Indigenous populations, to amass wealth into the hands of a few multi-billionaires who life in TrumpLand and its 'Fake Storytelling.' Meanwhile the spacetimemattering is Climate Change is poking holes in climate denial narratives, and there is 'No Planet B' to avoid 6th Extinction or the Global Peak Water Crisis.  Nietzsche was right! Nihilism has taken over, in its spiraling 'eternal return' and Global Capitalism's progress grand narrative is about to slip into the abyss.

To this dooms day scenario, we offer a way to do quantum storytelling theory, self-correction induction method, ad interventions of 'True Storytelling.'

Table 1: WWOK and IWOK Storytelling Paradigm Shifts

                PARADIGM BOje and Rosile

Self-Correcting Zigzag Spiral Steps Boje and
Figure 2: The Self-Correcting Induction Spiral in Four Zigzag Steps (Boje & Rosile, 2019, March 19).

We offer this in a new book, about how to teach and learn about the Storytelling Science and use it in your Dissertation. Download their book from this folder Please wait for the entire download before you open it.