Course: Mgt 655 Storytelling Consulting

Faculty: David M. Boje
Office Hours: Boje's Office Hours (TOTAL OF 3 HRS & 4 MINUTES EACH WEEK): Frenger Food Court, Mondays noon to 2:28 plus Complex 111 5:05PM to 5:26PM and Wednesday 5:05PM to 5:20PM, and by other times


Will be joined by systems 'existence' expert Sabine Trafimow

Cell Phone: 575-936-9578 (SMS)
Office Location: BC 318 (but never there, as I am out and about studying organization systems)
E-mail address:

About your Instructor: Professor David Boje is an internationally-acknowledge expert in organization storytelling research and change management. He has published over 130 journal articles, 20 books.

About the Course: Mgt 655 is a sustainability-focused course at NMSU. This means our focus is on the sustainability of systemicity, as well as antisystem, and antesystem processes in terms of environment sciences, equity, and socioeconomics.


What is systemicity? Systemicity is defined as the dynamic plurality of unfinished, partial, fragmented, overlapping systems that do not achieve 'wholeness' rather than one monist, monological, whole-system, be it closed, mechanistic, open, organic, living, or general (Boje, 2008a: 2, 29, 54, 191, 264). As soon as we unpack the fiction of system, to its actant systemicity plurality, we enter the realm of hermeneutics and critical ontology. Systemicity is enacted in plurality of social, economic, political, cultural, and ecological contexts.

The course does not presume specialized background in Organization Systems & Complexity Theory. However, it is an advanced graduate course in the philosophy and qualitative methods of dynamic systemicity study. This is a CORE course for Management Ph.D. majors. It is open to any and all graduate students (Masters or Ph.D. or post-docs) who want advanced training in macro theory, macro research, and the qualitative research methods.