Please give copy to the CLIENT, and keep copy for your FINAL REPORT

Business College
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003
(575)- 646-1201 - David M. Boje, Ph.D., instructor

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IN CONSIDERATION of my being selected for and being permitted to participate in a project for the providing of advice and assistance to small businesses, and non-profit or government organizations --- sponsored by the Business College at New mexico State University, and thus receiving the increased educational experience which will result from said participating, I agree as follows:

  1. I agree that I will treat in strict and absolute confidence all information received by me (as student) from any organization or person requesting assistance of the kind to be provided under this project. The only exception of this commitment will be another member of of the Project Team and the Project Director (instructor) and/or other participating faculty (& teaching assistants) or staff members o0f the Business College at NMSU who wills supervise the Project.
  2. I agree that I will not recommend to any organization or individual requesting assistance for purchase of goods or services from sources in which I (or other members of the Project Team) or the sponsors may be interested, nor will I accept fees, commissions, gratuities or other benefits from any firm or individual I or another member of the Project Team may recommend to the organization or individual so requesting assistance.
  3. All information of a confidential nautre is the property of the organizaiton. The report, at the end of the consultation period, belongs to the client. Students may not redistribute the report in any form, execpt for grading purposes by the faculty or staff members of the Business College.

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