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Business Consulting to any organization, public, private, education, non-profit: A Sustainability-Focused Course @ NMSU

448 is a Sustainaiblity-focused course @ NMSUSustainability-focused courses concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its socio-cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens. To be considered sustainability-focused, the course should include three or more of the sustainability educational objectives listed below, and put the leaf above in your course materials.

NOTE: An undergraduate minor in sustainable development is available for students who want to include sustainable development in their academic training. The undergraduate minor in sustainability includes a minimum of 18 credit hours from the following: Undergraduate: MGT 375V, MGT 388V, MGT 448 or BA 448, MGT 449, MGT 458, MGT 465, MGT 490 - See example How to create Double Spirals for your final Report

These are spirals of attunement (or Being in a Mood, that is not an emotion, but rather how your Body (Self) are in vibration to the vibration of the ecology you are in.

'I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific!' The Bow-G in the image is my name (More).

The principle of surrender is to give up on the will to power, and do nothing, and take no action, just to Be in a state of Being Healthy, Happy and Terrific, while attuning to the fear, anxiety, ambiguity, and all the turbulence around me (Heidegger, 1962). Then, I notice new attunements opening of the three doors: curiosity, understanding, and care. I surrend because I am not wasting my energy pushing the river uphill. I choose not to act at all, and instead practice the Principle of Submission, and watch the waves, until I see a wave I want to surf.I can do fore-caring in a loving manner, and still be attuned to the fear, anxiety, and turbulence. The wheels of the society and its education institutions have fallen off, and I don’t know what is next.


“Only something which is in the state-of-mind of fearing (or fearlessness) can discover that what is environmentally ready-to-hand is threatening” (Heidegger, 1962: section 137). More on this on What is Living Story?

People are ATTUNED to Fear. Fear is in-the-world, in TrumpLand. Most people on the planet fear what they are facing in their lives. WHen you consult you will be attuned to the fear in the organization and its ecosystem.

Figure 1 - Moods of Systemicity Attunement

Fear of Freedom The Consulting-SELF has a fear of freedom, and that is part of the pedagogy of the oppressed (conscientizagao). People you consult are often in Fear. The oppressed yearn for freedom and justice, liberation from violence and exploitation, but are in fear, a lost humanity (Freire, p. 44). Freire's pedagogy is designed to liberate both oppressor and oppressed from the victimization of the oppressive system through "conscientizacao" or consciousness raising.  Conscientizacao enrolls each of us in the search for AWARENESS of SELF-affirmation. Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed (on line PDF).

A small business consultant, a big business consultant, a consultant to universities, government institutions, or to non-profits will need to attune, to understand and care for the moods of the Consulting-Self, to not just collapse a wave arriving the is attunement to Fear, Anxiety, Amgibuity, or people and organizaiton thrown into turbulence.

We are in an era, I call TrumpLand, where people in organizations are changing thier attunements. We are in an era of organizations overwhelmed by complexity, and they need our help. We can be in a state of Fear ... or we can diagnose by our attunements, and use that learning to understand and care, to do what I call Fore-caring.

For more Please see the study guide: The Surrender Principle by D. M. Boje.