Guide to Facilitating Energized Storytelling Circles by Boje & Gladstone

David M. Boje - Sept 9 2008; Revised Sept 14 2008; Revised Sep 25 2008 with Joe Gladstone ; Update August 27, 2014

It is possible to enter a manner of storytelling and facilitation that harkens back to premodern methodology of community and ecology.

The point of this study guide is to explore 'Talking Stick' Methodologies for sharing and listening to our 'living stories.' We pass the Talking Stick, feel its transmuting energy, and develop new insights.

We cannot say its the way things were done many thousands of years ago. We can say that it was a time when stones were alive, living, when thh directions E, S, W, N, Up, Down, and In had energy, when there were energies of the body that affected how a storyteller told, and how people listened.

There were ancient skills that with the industrial revolution, with the Enlightenment project, and the advent of Western Grand Narratives, are no more. The skills have withered. But there are some ways to revitalize some of the premodern storytelling ways, now and then.

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Thank you - David Boje & Joe Gladstone



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