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AGENDA 3rd Friday of the Month

Shamanic Drumming Circle in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Why: Develop shamanic mediation practices in our daily life.  

How: Join us for monthly practice of shamanic drumming meditation to generate daily practices in your daily life.

When: 3rd Friday 4:00 to 5:30pm.3rd Friday

Where: Center Spiritual Living575 N Main St Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001 (located downtown Las Cruces).

Contact: David M. Boje, Ph.D. (facilitator) Cell 575-936-9578; email

Intention: To practice shamanic drumming and journeying as taught in Michael Harner’s FSS Basic Workshop (which we recommend to newcomers, at earliest opportunity). We practice using common methods of the shaman to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing.

What to bring: pillow & blanket or mat to lie on, eye mask or scarf for meditating. Drum or rattle to use in drumming circle. Please bring a pen and notebook to record your intentions and journeys.

Special request: Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne as some people are allergic. Thank you for your consideration.

Please, set your Intention before the meeting & see Resources for practicing Journey Meditations on your own - Thank you.

(1) Begin by opening the circle with a song (Ghost Dance Song)

I circle around, I circle around, the boundaries of the earth
I circle around, I circle around, the boundaries of the earth
wearing my long winged feathers as I fly
wearing my long winged feathers as I fly
I circle around, I circle around, the boundaries of the earth

(2) Checking in, Welcome

You had asked about locating this book: Harner, M. (1990). The Way of the Shaman. PDF Available online for Free. or PDF avaialble free MediaFire. or Buy used copy by mail. or Kindle edition.

(3) First Round of Drumming and Dancing - Calling in our personal power (15 Minutes)

(4) Today's Focus: Practicing Journeying to Upper World

Shamans journey to Upper World to work with ‘teachers’, ancesotors, and so on. Michael Harner (2013: 102-107) tells us that Upper World ascension points can be trees, mountains, rainbows, whirlwinds, tornadoes, waterspouts, and so on. First ascension: explore and report, and journal what you find. You can journey to seek compassionate teacher-spirits, ancestor-spirits can be there (they are not guides). “Visitors treated by a teacher in the Upper World are frequently surprised to have lost their symptoms (such as a chronic backache) immediately upon their return to the Middle World” (Harner, 2013: p. 153).Notice the way that Upper World presents itself.

(5) Fourth Drumming Time: Dancing with your Power Animal

(6) Responding to any healing requests ( always with permission)

(7) Closing the circle with a song  (Greeting the Sun)

Greeting to the Sun
Afternoon sun, come my way (3 times)
Come my way, take my pain (3 times)
Take my pain, down below (3 times)
Down below, cool waters (3 times)
Aftenoon sun, I thank you (3 times)