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Join us at the 8th Annual QUANTUM STORYTELLING CONFERENCE, in Las Cruces, New Mexico in December 2018

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Dec 12, 2018 1PM - Welcome to the conference, beginning sessions, in Las Cruces New Mexico

Dec 13 & 14 - 9-5PM all day sessions

Dec 15 - 9-noon - Wrap up reflections on the conference

We are working out our theme for the 2018 conference and invite your input.

Theme for 2018 Conference: Quantum Storytelling is a theory, method, and practice of material-discourse and sociomateriality. It is called 'quantum' because its an 'embodied' storytelling, its a 'spacetimemattering' storytelling, its is more than Western'narratives' ways of reducing our Indigenousliving stories to some simplistic linear plot, a few characters, or themes.There is also a theme of True Storytelling, in a time of Fake Storytelling. Jens Larsen , Lena Bruun, and David Boje have been working on a way to develop True Storytelling (defined as ethical material-discursive practices) to address global challenges, in a bottom-up approach to the UN Sustainability Goals (

Boje's Paper on '7 True Storytelling Solutions to the Global Water Crisis'; slides not presenting to go with the '7 True Storytelling Solutions to the Global Water Crisis becoming part of Sixth Extinction Event'

This year we would like to bring scholars and practitioners together with an interest in the opposition of Western Ways of Knowing (WWOK) and Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK). Several presenters are coming from New Zealand to deepen our understanding of Kaupapa Māori (the methodology and theory of storytelling). An excellent book on the topic is Critical Conversations in Kaupapa Māori, edited by Te Kawehau Hoskins & Alison Jones (2017). An excellet text on IWOK is Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln, and Linda Tuhiwai Smith (2008) Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies, with a chapter 24 by our regular, Gregory Cajete; and a book by our own Grace Ann Rosile (2016). Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethic. Our conference goers produced a new book, The Emerald Handbook of Quantum Storytelling Consulting (Boje & and Sanchez), and we anticipate its delivery by time of our 2018 conference.

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Here are some things that the Quantum Storytelling Conference has generated:

  book to appear in 2018), and it will be out by the conference - it is a collection of work done in the Quantum storytelling conferences.

Grace Ann Rosile (ed.) this compilation of articles from many of our regular presenters at Quantum Storytelling Conference. Many of the chapters are about IWOK

Boje's new research book released for 2019

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See Special Issue Call - papers due Apr 30 2018

Some of the keynotes at EM-QM 17

Thomas Filk
University of Freiburg, DE

A quantum ontology based on a relational notion of space


Tim Maudlin
New York University, USA

Ontological Clarity, Electromagnetism and the Aharanov-Bohm Effect

Julian Voss-Andreae’s Quantum Man Metal Sculpture
Julian Voss-Andreae’s Quantum Man Metal Sculptures (photo used by permission)


Organizational Change and Global Standardization: Solutions to Standards and Norms Overwhelming Organizations (Routledge Studies in Organizational Change & Development) Hardcover -

by David M. Boje (Editor)


by Tonya Henderson (Author), David M. Boje (Author)


dragon book cover

Available from Routledge May 2014; See Reviews; See Book Signing Flyer

2014 BOOK edited by David M. Boje and Tonya Wakefield

Being Quantum: Ontological Storytelling in the Age of Antenarrative

Available from Amazon 2014

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